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And while currently there is a lot of controversy surrounding the state of Belizean football and national teams, there is one shining light in the sport as one team prepares to head to Athens, Greece to participate in the Special Olympics to be held there this week. And even more exciting is that one of the best players on the team is one of our very own. This morning our team headed over to St. Peters Anglican School where we found young Sidney Rhaburn excited about the trip which will open up a whole new world for him.

Christen Eure is the Peace Corps volunteer who has been with this talented every step of the way.

Christen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“Orange walk is my faith, I live here in Orange Walk and I’ve been working with the special Ed Centre at Saint Peter School for the last two years, specifically with Special Olympics and training athletes here one of which is a Sydney Rhaburn, he is qualified to be in the football team representing Special Olympics in the world games in Athens Greece this summer. “About two years ago we started working with Sydney. Sydney now is been a great football player, we can’t take credit for the way he kicks the ball and the way he passes, he always been a great football player but about two years ago we identified him as a potential player for the team and started working with him on a regular basis and brought him down to Belize City to start the national team training. In addition we created a team here at Saint Peters just to work with Sydney so these boys who wanted to come play football and we ended up playing games with other schools. We’ve been to a couple of marathons, so the boys here at Saint Peters have been really supportive for Sydney and creating a team to help him practice on a regular basis.”

st_peters2Sidney Rhaburn Greece Special Olympics Participant

“Well here is Belize and travel all the way to Greece over here.”

Sidney Rhaburn is happy to be going on a trip and knows that it is the result of the hard work he put in. He has been an integral part of the St. Peters football team.

Sidney Rhaburn Greece Special Olympics Participant

“My friends here at Saint Peters Anglican School, I want to tell them that they can be just like me and practice hard enough so that they can be just like me. Maybe sometime when they get like me, practice harder and get in the national team.”

Two of his young friends, Randy Serrano and Nathaniel Reyes, stood by Rhaburns side today as he spoke to us.


“I just want to wish him luck and that’s it.”

Mike Rudon-Reporter

“You like football?”


“Yes sir.”

Mike Rudon-Reporter

“What you want to do after this? Do you want to be like Sydney one of these days and go travel out and represent Orange Walk?”


“Yes sir.”

Mike Rudon-Reporter

“And you, how long have you been playing football?”


“Five months.”

Mike Rudon-Reporter

“You like it? What position you play?”



Mike Rudon-Reporter

“And one of these days you want to be just like Sydney right?”


“Yes sir.”

Mike Rudon-Reporter

“How good does it make you feel to be able to pass on that talent to your friends here at Saint Peter?


“They work with me a long time and they are my best two players here.”

Christen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“We had support from our parent support group, they’ve done fund raisers for Sydney to send him to all of these training, he has gone to P.G. a couple of times for trainings and here in Orange Walk we had the Customs Department, Caribbean Chicken, S.P. Store and Saint Peters, of course has been a great supporter of all that we do.”

The group will be at Town Hall on Saturday at 9:00am, so if youd like to come out and assist with the cause, you will be most welcome. Also, if youd like to call in and donate, the number is 223-2435.

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