Activist Patrick Menzies and his organization known as the BelizeCan Patriots, have gone off the hook in trying to get Government to freeze or retract the National Revised Gender Policy 2013. BelizeCan also wants Government to formally state that Gender equals male and female only. Putting an end to victimization in Belize by both Government and private sector and the retraction of section 47G -2B and 3 of the proposed amendments on the criminal code is also on the list of demands.

Marches, collection of signatures and even a national school boycott has had no impact on GOB who continues to revise the document. Since all his attempts have failed, Menzies is once again planning a national demonstration at the foot of the National Assembly in Independence Plaza, Belmopan tomorrow Tuesday 29thOct 2013.

NationalizationPatrick Menzies- BelizeCan

“We are calling this our final push basically it is a protest or demonstration here in Belmopan at the National Assembly, Independence Plaza and it starts at nine and ends at three.  What we are planning to marching around the ring road about ten thirty and then comeback at the plaza where we will have different speakers presenting the issue that we are dealing with and we are hoping and praying that the government since tomorrow is Cabinet day would take in and actually will sit down in the table and recognize what we are asking them submitting request to them before actually four times now and for them to make some changes we have not heard anything form them so this is the final approach and tomorrow is the authorized, permitted demonstration and then we are planning on staying on Belmopan and we will be waiting for the ministers to response in groups of five as per the law so that we cannot violate any law and being here until we get a response from the government, this is the final approach we will not keep the kids from school forever, we want the signature from the minister of education stating that they will not implement the part from the gender policy that deals with education and that everybody agrees that gender is male and female only and they address the side that they need to give us in writing that they need to respect those particular things but until then we will occupy Belmopan. This means that we will occupy Belmopan until they response, I can go really deeper than that I can only say that is what our plan is and we are praying and hoping especially since there is a venerable political play between what is happening with our current government we do not want to have any part in any form of any government we are not interested in replacing one with the other that is for the Belizean populace to do.”

But despite his tireless efforts to do what he describes as “speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves” Menzies has garnered much criticism. So much so, that it is said he has a political agenda.

Patrick Menzies- BelizeCan

“Hopes are high that we will have at least the core group but we have some situation that is affecting our group like we have some senior religious figures that are connected politically, that are squeezing on our Pastors so to try to pull them away from the alliance so those things are happening.”

Irvin Aragon – Reporter

“You mention something very important, both private and public sector have been commenting that this entire movement has somewhat turned political, what do you have to comment on that?”

Patrick Menzies- BelizeCan

“I think that anybody that makes statement like that is really ignorant honestly, and anybody that Is around me can tell you I have gone out of my way to not be around any red or any blue, I have no interest in no politics, I am an American, I do not qualify for any political position in this country decides maybe a Mayor and I am not seeking for any political position, my interest in on Belizeans and that their voiced been heard across the country I have no political aspirations absolutely none.”

According to Patrick Menzies, the alliance hopes that Government heeds to their call once and for all or else they will occupy the space at Independence Plaza until their requests are met. We’ll see how that plays out. 

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