On Friday, October 25th, 2013 we told you about the Belize Worker’s Union’s annual general meeting where the pressing issue on the agenda was the election of a new committee to run the affairs of the union for the next two years. After two years in the position as the chairman for the union, Ramiro Gongora was briefly stripped of his title after the committee was formally dissolved and the elections got under way. Two hours later, Gongora once again emerged as the captain of the Belize Worker’s Union’s ship; however, he is not steering alone.

Screen_shot_2013-10-28_at_7.50.15_PMRamiro Gongora, Chairman, BWU

“We came to an end of a two year service, the members, since 2011 we were elected in office and two have passed and now we have our AGM today and a new committee was elected for continuing serving the workers of BSI.”


Irvin Aragon – Reporter

“Now, tell us about the committee, who were the members who were elected this year?”

Ramiro Gongora, Chairman, BWU

“This year myself was re-elected as chairman, brother Richard Tillette was re-elected vice-chairman, brother Valdomar Magana was elected as general secretary for the Union and brother Malco Cabrerra was elected as the assistance secretary of the Union and we have the post of treasurer, brother Fidel Hernandez and then we have the trustees.  The voter turnout was approximately a hundred and thirty five to a hundred and forty members participating in today’s elections.”

According to Gongora, the next two years look promising even though the union foresees many challenges in the horizon.

Irvin Aragon – Reporter

“Tell us about your plans looking forward for another two years, what are the plans that you want to implement that would bring development to the Union?”

Ramiro Gongora, Chairman, BWU

“One of them is the continuation of improving our membership and serving the community on a whole in respect of us assisting in donations and so forth on what the Union can afford and another thing we have is our pension plan that needs an assistance to be upgraded and hopefully we can achieve these negotiations I an industrial good relation with BSI and we the workers believe that we have lost a lot during the course of probably ten years our memberships decreased and the industries were taken over by American Sugars, so we see the future in respect to our membership increasing then we have an affiliation with GMB from England who assist BWU in training and provide assistance to BWU.”

The Belize Worker’s Union currently holds approximately one hundred and fifty members. The new committee hopes to increase that number during their period of service.

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