Screen_shot_2013-10-28_at_7.50.39_PMThe incessant rains have caused major flooding in the Southern Districts of the country; leaving a number of bridges under water and even eating away a portion of the Southern Highway. Due to the heavy downpour, the North also experienced some flooding of its own over the weekend. Regional Director for NEMO in Orange Walk and Corozal, Elodio Aragon, gave us an update on the most vulnerable areas affected.

Elodio Aragon– Regional Director, NEMO OW & Corozal 

“We’ve Checked the villages and with our chairpersons, they are our contacts and up to now everything is ok in all the villages, except to San Estevan where the chairman reported to us that there is a need to evacuate a family that his house was flooded and everything which we have done that already so, apart from that everything is ok in the villages. I also work along with the Mayor because the Mayor is part of the NEMO committee so we keep constantly in touch and I have spoken to him today and he has mentioned that yes there are a few problems with the drains but he is doing his best he has been to the hot spots where we know it usually get flooded and he has been working at that and he was here at the Marcus Canul Area where there a few houses that are in low lying areas and these will always get flooded when the rains come and therefore he has been there and he done what he can.  He has a team with all his workers when the weather is like this they concentrate in trying to ensure that people are not flooded in their homes so I have spoken to him and he told me we are doing our best and we have it under control and we ask people to be patient.”

Today the Ministry of Health issued Public advisories on reducing health risks. Aragon encourages the public to avoid contact with the rivers and streams as it is reported to be contaminated.

Elodio Aragon– Regional Director, NEMO O/W & Corozal 

“What we need to do is ask the people or the public in general to try to ensure that your children do not go out there and play in the water, it is fun to play in the water but it is dangerous, you might not see anything but we don’t see germs but we know that these things infect you and next thing you end up with soars and blisters and all of these things and they can even be more dangerous, so we are saying to the public keep your children away from the water, even though it looks clean, even though it is fun for them it  can be dangerous for them so what we do also we have a team what is called the Public health Team and this team goes especially in the villages where we know they have a lot of flooding and they try to disinfect the place before people can go back or if they don’t go back and it is only the yard then they try to disinfect the yards so we know that the contaminated waters are a problem and we should be careful how we go and play on it.”

Aragon says that they will continue to be on the alert as the rains are expected to continue throughout the country over the next few days. In case of an emergency, numbers for the NEMO personnel in the north are 636-6094 or 605-5045.

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