san_lorenzoIn the month of October 2009 a $2.5 million drainage project for residents of Black Water Creek was launched by the Government of Belize to alleviate flooding in the area. Phase one of the project was conducted by D-Mars Construction Company owned by Denny Grihalva. A few weeks after the drain was dug out the project was abandoned. Work resumed months after, this time with K&G Company Limited taking over. That was in 2009 and today one year and 8 months later the project is still incomplete. With the rainy season upon us this poses a flooding problem for residents of Black Water Creek.

But apart from that we also found out that the unfinished project has now become hazardous for persons who travel on the San Lorenzo road.

The drainage project should have alleviated the constant flooding that affects more than 3,000 residents living in the Black Water Creek Area. We say should have because so far only sections of the drain have been reinforced with concrete culverts. Those areas where the culverts have not been added are slowly eroding, taking along with it hundreds of thousands of dollars already invested. But that’s not the only problem because apart from the drain being washed away, sections of the street are fracturing as if hit by an earthquake.

But this is not caused by any earthquake. As you can observe in this footage the edge of the road that runs along sections of unfinished drain is the one being affected. This has become a danger for residents and students, but especially for drivers who travel on the road on a daily basis.

With the rainy season upon us, those sections of unfinished drain will surely continue to wash away taking along with it sections of the San Lorenzo Road.

san_lorenzo2The bottom line is that if the pertinent authorities don’t look into this problem sometime in the near future, it’s a bad accident waiting to happen. And that’s not even taking into account the hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars falling into the drain along with the sections of road.

When we spoke to Mike Hernandez of the Social Investment Fund this afternoon he told us that the final phase of the project is scheduled to commence in the next few weeks. Through the local news papers SIF will announce the opening of biddings for the contract. The third phase will include the installation of culverts and the joining of small drains to the main drainage system. As to the fracturing street, Hernandez told CTV 3 news that the problem will be dealt with in the last phase of the project.

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