On Monday we told you about a Notice of Motion for a Senate Inquiry into the Immigration scandal which was filed by the PUP Secretariat. The motion, which was discussed with social partners before it was handed in to the Clerk of the National Assembly, is slated to be tabled and debated at the next sitting of the Senate. PUP’s Deputy Party Leader for Policy & Reform, Carolyn Trench Sandiford says the Party is engaged in a multi-prong approach into allegations of corruption or conduct unbecoming of public officials.

Screen_shot_2013-10-30_at_8.03.36_PMCAROLYN TRENCH-SANDIFORD – Deputy Party Leader, PUP

“As you go along the stages what you are seeing is a blatant disrespect for the law in terms of fraud, in terms of doing what we would call kind of a parallel system of accountability in government, where is the money going? In terms of what I would say encouraging multiple players engage and involved in government affairs, at the end of the day it is not only about criminal charges and I think we need to be very clear on this and to look at it from this angle as well. Is not so about criminal charges as it is a blatant disrespect and disregard for something that is sacred which is our Belizean identity, when it comes to the passport matter what has transpired is that we have rendered to some extent suspicion on who we are when we leave this country, we carry not only a Belizean passport but we carry a CARICOM passport which gives us certain privileges when we travel in the Caribbean that is going to be suspect recently we understand and it is recorded that a plane landed in Miami and there were some issues regarding the passport of Belizeans, you are a suspect each and every one of us something that we struggled so hard to build, trust in and confidence, respect for we have simple prostituted and bastardized, that is us each and every one of us, to my mind that is first and foremost the key issue that as a Belizean people we need to grapple with. The issue of criminal charges yes it ought to take place but this is where the Senate select committee comes in because we have already heard that the Prime Minister has said well in his legal opinion which he is not lawyer and chief, he is commander and chief if I can put it that way so his legal opinion ought not to be in on this, in his legal opinion Penner has not done anything criminal but that is not for him to decide that is for the police to decide, yet when you hear the police talk you hear the police say well, Penner is not part of the investigation and it is a typical part of an injustice system that we have whereby public officer and people at the lower rank are being targeted while those at the very top get away.”

The opposition feels the rule of law should apply to everyone, and Penner should not be given immunity. It is the hope of the party that those accused pay for what has happened both in terms of the criminal side of things but also for taking our Nationality and selling out to the highest bidder in some cases terrorists and criminals, allegedly. The Senate is scheduled to meet next week Wednesday.

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