And while Elvin Penner has not made up his mind if he is resigning, the People’s United Party says it now has enough signatures needed to trigger a recall in Cayo Northeast. The opposition says it is pushing the issue because it is their duty and obligation to look over the best interest of the people.

Screen_shot_2013-10-30_at_8.03.36_PMCAROLYN TRENCH-SANDIFORD – PUP, Deputy Party Leader

“We have preceded in terms of the first step 30% threshold required to trigger the recall, we have gather over 30% of the signatures required and what we have done because of the experience with Election and Boundaries with the Oceana situation which you all know but also because we know that the elections and boundaries processes are also tainted, that was how Penner was able to register three to four hundred persons leading up to the elections with nationality that were gathered one and two days before the registration despite the provisions of the law which say you must be a Belizean and live somewhere for two months let us not forget that, so we have gathered the signature over 30% which I think it is two thousand plus at this point in time and we are continuing that process we are not stopping, so that has been completed so I can say now we can take it to the elections and boundaries commission but what we are doing meanwhile is also to double check and triple check, because we know that when those signatures go there, there are couple things that are going to happen; they are going to scrutinize them, they are going to bring in hand writing experts and try to say oh these are not the signatures of people and so we have already said while that process is taking place we ensure that the individuals bring in two Id’s, we ensure that a JP is there to stamp and say this is the signature and so you try to look at this and try to ignore it, so we have done that and we are getting ready to do that.  Now the task that will confront us now is to ensure that that process get through so we have to be very vigilant with the elections and boundaries department, we have to keep the Belizean people engaged every step of the way because they have to know at the end of the day what is happening and what as a party we are doing and hopefully and we believe that it will happen with the will of the people that the recall process is going to take place and then challenge for us is to ensure that 65% of the population comes out to vote.”

Sandiford ended by saying that while the party is aware of the challenge, they do not think it is insurmountable and with the will of the people; they will prevail. They are hopeful that in 3 to 4 months time, the recall process should be completed. 

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