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  • Speaker Of The House Signs MOU With FOPREL And SICA

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
  • New International Flight Headed To Belize

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
  • 224 Farmers Graduate From Farmers Field School

    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09

Screen_shot_2013-11-01_at_8.46.32_PMWhile both political parties were inside sparring with words, outside close to a thousand P.U.P supporters gathered to demonstrate against Barrows’ alleged ‘corrupt’ administration. With flags, placards and the sound of beating drums, the blue machine vociferously demanded Elvin Penner’s and Edmund Castro’s recall.

Orlando Habet – PUP Cayo North East

“We came out here because think that in general the people are really dissatisfied as to what is happening in our government, it is really low governance, our people are annoyed as a matter of fact. The issue with Penner, with Castor, the Prime minister is doing nothing about it. He comes out and he says one thing but apparently underground he is doing something else. So our people are here to protest and they came out peacefully if you see all the placards people are annoyed and they are expressing their views and sentiments by they are putting on their placards. Our people in Cayo Northeast were promised two weeks ago that he would spend five million dollars and nothing has happened. So if he does not want to do aht eh primied they are saying call the elections now. “We have collected our thirty percent since about a week ago. We are out there collecting some additional signatures so that we can reach above that thirty percent and of course we are doing the vetting of the signatures so that when we deliver those signatures to elections and boundaries, they will have almost no work to do because all the work would have been done.”


“And are you girls still fully committed to going all the way, you know this was the easy part of it; reaching the threshold for the referendum?

Orlando Habet – PUP Cayo North East

“Yes certainly. We are going all the way; our people are committed. They want to see us now deliver those signatures so that we can trigger that referendum and people will be out there. There might have been some people who were a little reluctant because of the threats that were made previously, but they will be out there for an election.”

Screen_shot_2013-11-01_at_8.47.10_PMAnd with the noise surrounding Castro’s alleged involvement in the Visa Scandal, PUP standard-bearer for the Belize Rural North, Arthur Saldivar spoke on the legitimacy of Castro’s term as area rep.

Arthur Saldivar - Standard bearer in Belize Rural North

“We have a meeting set for Tuesday; the executive committee of the division. We will be incorporating some of those veterans from the Cayo Northeast division who have gone through the process before so that we can have a more efficient exercise this second go around. Certainly the rural north is slated as the next area to be targeted for recall given what has happened with the area rep and he no longer holds the confidence of the people in the area. As a result of that, most of the constituents in the rural north font believe that he can give them the kind of advocacy and representation needed to ensure that they can be given the resources that they deserve in that area.”


“Are you confident that you will be able to get the signatures necessary?”

Arthur Saldivar - Standard bearer in Belize Rural North

“Yes, the signatures won’t be a problem. Once the signatures are collected, collecting the signatures is not a problem, but that sixty-nine percent threshold because again we know that the U.D.P. if their history has shown us anything is that they will do anything to throw at the will of the people. And certainly if it means paying their people to stay at home, we can expect that that will be one of the tactics that they will use. But in collecting the signatures, it is a two-prong situation in that we get a chance to go on the ground and hear what the people are saying and at the same time, it is a precursor to the inevitable.”

According to the regulations, to call a recall 30 % of signatures need to be submitted to the Governor General to be able to proceed. CTV3 News Understands that 30% in Belize Rural North mounts to a little more than 1500 signatures.  A meeting is scheduled to be carried out on Tuesday, when the plan of action would be known to Saldivar’s Committee.

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