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Screen_shot_2013-11-05_at_6.52.21_PMSunday proved to be a sad for the teachers and faculty of San Francisco Roman Catholic Primary School as the institution was targeted by burglars once again. Police were on site searching for clues when our news team arrived at the school campus. Here is what we found out.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

Sometime after 3:00 on Saturday afternoon, when the faculty had secured and left the school campus, burglars with swift precision raided the school’s computer room, preschool and snack shop. A disheartened Maria Baeza, Principal of San Francisco School, said the burglars gained entry through this computer lab window.

MARIA BAEZA – Principal, San Francisco RC School

“There was a big hole at the back window of the computer lab and she ask if there was somebody working there so when Teacher Blanca called me I told her no there is nobody there so I said I will finish having my breakfast and I will see and yes there was a big hole at the back window and I could see some drums so I assume that they use the garbage drum to lift up themselves to the A/C unit which has a shelf and from there gain entrance through the window and they remove two louvers from there and then they pry it open and then they gain entrance to the computer lab, upon entering I counted the computer because I knew we had twenty one of them and I could only count thirteen of them, when the computer teacher counted again and she counted fourteen and I saw it was fourteen yes, so we have seven monitors that disappeared that were stolen, the keyboards are there it is only the monitors that were removed, the latest ones that we had there are the ones with the flat screens they are not new but they are all contributions that we have gain from other friendly people that respond to our call for assistance and so it is seven monitors that disappear from upstairs and we can see that all the teachers markers were not there also, the policeman found some behind the building and that is about it and all the wires are all about the place everywhere in the computer lab.”

Caring less for the alarm system set in place, thieves snatched the schools newest flat screen monitors which were donated by the community. Baeza says she believes the criminals were looking for money.

MARIA BAEZA – Principal, San Francisco RC School

“We don’t leave money here but then we can’t take out computer with us right, so they come in here and they do that this is not the first time they do that we have been burglarized, it is a pity because San Francisco is a poor school we struggle to have our things and but our community they don’t care, I want to say that they don’t care, the school here serves the community back here but then we have members of the community that don’t care so.  We have an alarm system yes because couple of years ago we were burglarized also where the office were also entered and they stole our whole set of computer, the office computer taking with them all of our information, our P.A system also and from thereon we put an alarm system but I suppose these people they know that already so they come through the window now.  I haven’t spoken to anybody I came here this morning and my assistant called me of what the warden had noticed and I have been here from then and she went to inform way to the police station and they came here almost nine thirty and they have been looking around and taking notes and doing their investigation and we also notice that the snack shop was also burglarized again.  They broke one of the back window also and they entered again and they went again with some soft drink and orange juice and some bottle water that had remained there from a previous workshop so the window is broken so that is extra finance that we have to look for to do all those repairs.  At one time we had a watchman but then the watchman was paid by the school and by our management but what we charge our parents for security I five dollars per family you know so that is not much to pay a watchman so the bulk was paid by our management and at that time our management said you know I cannot continue paying that so you guys find what to do so we got this alarm system from Belize City, actually the manager did that at that time and that didn’t work very well so finally we removed it and since the office was burglarized couple of years as I mentioned then we had another alarm system from here in Orange Walk which has been working well but then the thieves have gotten wiser you know so they know so they come through the window now.”

While no security officer is on the schools payroll, Baeza says they will have to step up their security measures to avoid another misfortune.

MARIA BAEZA – Principal, San Francisco RC School

“The Burglar bar doesn’t stop the thieves from coming here anyway because we have seen instances where they cut the bar and they get entrance so that will not stop them it will only make it more difficult for them so right now I am contemplating putting burglar bars up there in the computer lab and also informing our parents is something that we need to do because we don’t know how our computer program is going to continue with only thirteen computers you it is difficult.”

Meanwhile, police have no leads and their investigations continue.

Anyone with information on the stolen items is asked to contact the nearest police station or call Principal Maria Baeza at 622-8534. Viewers are reminded that purchasing stolen items is against the law.

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