Screen_shot_2013-11-07_at_5.52.06_PMThe roundabout near Establo restaurant was the scene of yet another traffic incident last night and although no lives were lost, it is rapidly becoming an accident prone area that has motorists and residents concerned. And with this by-pass being the main artery highway that connects Orange Walk Corozal and Belize, our news team went looking for answers. Maria Novelo found out why motorist should be wary of this particular stretch, here is that story.

Maria Novelo - Reporting

Confusion, speed and simple distractions have all been blamed for a number of traffic mishaps around this section of the by-pass near the roundabout by the Establo Restaurant that have resulted in varying minor and severe injuries and even death. Since the start of the year, several crashes have been recorded along this intersection that is a cause for concern for area residents and motorists.

Ada Vargas 

“Once going out of Orange Walk you feel that you are going in the highway so people tend to speed up now when you are on the highway but when you get to a certain point there is not sign that you need to take a turn and then there was a sign but somebody went and crashed into it and after that nothing was done and almost every three weeks and a month we have people running right into the ditch.  I would suggest that a lighted railing that would guide you to tell you that you need to take a turn or just fill it up and if you go straight you might not end up in a ditch but just on the grass and this happens all the time.”

The most recent mishap happened last night at about 7:00pm when the driver of this black SUV explorer occupied by Mexican Nationals heading back home to Chetumal Quintana Roo, took the wrong lane and upon realizing that he was, swerved and landed in this ditch.

Maria Novelo - Reporter

“I understand this happens all the time?”

Ada Vargas- Concerned Resident 

“Yes, all the time, all the time we have to take out people out of the ditch and safe guarding their vehicles and sometimes their vehicle are condemned and there has been I think two deaths out of this, two deaths, two persons have died.”

Ambulance and police personnel were dispatched to the scene. Luckily, no lives were lost. The driver of the vehicle suffered minor injuries while his wife seated in the passenger side suffered a broken nose and small abrasions. Residents are now pleading for some intervention in the form of speed-calming measures and better signage for the curves on the elevated road. Since the Town Council’s jurisdiction ends at the last bump coming out of Trail Farm Village, the responsibility of upgrading the area lies with the Ministry of Works. It is the hope of the residents and motorists that highway authorities give due diligence to this area to avoid future tragedies.

Ada Vargas- Concerned Resdient 

“They really need to do something about this every time, it is not the first time, and every time really needs some attention.”

It is of note, that fatalities have been recorded in this area due to the same problem. In January 2011, 68 year old Felicita Calderon died after the vehicle she was travelling in along with four others collided in the ditch. And in February of this year, 3 persons suffered varying degrees of injuries.

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