Over 200 countries compete for the most wanted trophy in the world and today that trophy made a historic stop for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca Cola which was officially launched in September of this year, in our beautiful country for an entire day. Belize is one of the countries that were selected with 89 other countries to host the grand FIFA World Cup trophy. Reporter Victor Castillo and Jesus Melgar were among other media houses at the PGIA waiting for the arrival of the much anticipated trophy.

world_cupVictor Castillo - Reporting

Today, Belize was one of 52 countries which hosted the FIFA World Cup trophy, in a tour to popularize the next World Cup slated for Brazil in 2014. Shortly after 10 this morning the excitement grew as the private Coca Cola airplane landed at the Philip Goldson International Airport that contained the iconic 18 k gold cup; football’s most coveted prize. As officials and the prestigious trophy made its way into the VIP Lounge for a short Press Conference all cameras were focused on the trophy that remained unrevealed at the beginning of the conference.


Michael Bowen – CEO Bowen & Bowen

"I am much honored to host the FIFA World Cup in Belize. I am very excited that the cup is here and I can speak for all Belizeans to share their excitement. Up until last night we were still receiving phone calls on how to get a ticket to take pictures with the World Cup. These are parents talking on behalf of their children who want to see the cup and be closer to it, but I know, I have a sneaky suspicion that these parents are actually calling for themselves."


According to Pekka Odriozola, this is the third time FIFA and Coca-Cola have come together to bring the Trophy Tour to the world. Prior to the 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cup were millions of fans have the opportunity to experience the magic of the FIFA World Cup in their home countries.

Pekka Odriozola – FIFA Representative

"This is an 18 Karat solid gold trophy and it weighs over 6 kilograms. Its 36.8 centimeters high and this is the original World Cup Trophy. It was design in the early 1970s after Brazil won the Jules Rimet Trophy which was the previous trophy of the World Cup for the third time in 1970. What we intended to do when we launched this World Cup Trophy in 2006 the idea was to bring the most universal sports, the biggest sporting event, the one that all kids all around the world one day dream and to lift the World Cup Trophy - to bring it to the world to share the passion and to make everybody a little bit a part of that World Cup and to dream and that's what we've seen. You feel the excitement and you start to dream about 2022 qualifying to the final competition maybe winning one day and why not."

According to President of the FFB, Ruperto Vicente the visit of the Gold Cup trophy to Belize and Belizeans means a lot for the country.

Ruperto Vicente - President of FFB

"FIFA is very much protective of its trophy. Its pre gold and certainly it is not anyone that can touch it. Even at the end of a tournament only the captain of a team is allowed to lift and as well the head of state and that show the significance and the importance of that trophy. "This is the most sought trophy in the world and award in any sporting activity. We are happy that we are able to bring this trophy to Belize and create a kind of excitement for our sports. It is a timely visit it is a timely thing for us as we are developing our sports here in Belize. Football is on the rise and football is about to achieve great things in this country."

FIFA and The Coca-Cola Company had join forces to bring the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup Trophy in Belize. The iconic trophy is making its rounds and will be on an extensive 267-day journey, covering 89 countries, and giving the opportunity to millions of fans to enjoy a rare close-up view of the authentic solid-gold trophy.


Brad Ross – Coca Cola International

“So this is the longest journey that the FIFA world cup has been on  we are going to be going to 90 countries around the world we launched it on the 12 of September in the host country Brazil Rio DejoNue and over the next nine months we will be taking this trophy to 90 countries which is a 149,000km journey which is around about three and a half time around the circumference of the earth so it certainly is the longest journey that this trophy has been on and it’s all about the honourable minister had mentioned earlier but being inclusive and participate in giving a many people opportunity to have their experience with this FIFA world cup trophy so Coca Cola and FIFA supported for us to be able to do that and as many time we want to get to as many countries the opportunity to host the trophy so Belize being one of them with 52 with countries around the world will the first time that those countries have had the opportunity to have the trophy on the soil and for us it is important to show the inclusion and the participation of this campaign along with FIFA trying to go as we go around the world.”


As part of the tour in Belize the World Cup Trophy would be on display for those chosen fans to view the Trophy at the Radisson Fort Gorge Hotel followed by a Gala later tonight where the Governor General Sir. Colvin Young would be the only person to be given the opportunity to hold the Cup as part of the ceremonies.

This is the third time FIFA and Coca-Cola have come together to bring the Trophy Tour to the world. Prior to the 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cups, millions of fans had the opportunity to experience the magic of the FIFA World Cup in their home countries. We will bring to you more on the historic visit on our next news cast.

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