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Heartless thieves broke into the San Francisco RC School again during a rainy Thursday night. This time, many classrooms were vandalized and classes had to be disrupted. Our news team arrived on scene as police were searching for clues. Here’s what we found out.

Screen_shot_2013-11-08_at_6.42.05_PMMaria Novelo – Reporting

Administrators at the San Francisco RC say they're disappointed after their school was broken into, not once, but twice, in one week. During the first burglary, which occurred over the weekend, thieves raided the schools computer room where they stole 7 monitors and keyboards.

Some of those items were recovered by police yesterday, but when teachers arrived this morning, they realized most of their classrooms were ransacked. Percival Gideon, Teacher of the Upper Division said they were distraught at the discovery.

Percival Gideon- Math Teacher, Upper Division

“They ransacked four classrooms at the upper division, that is the two standard six classrooms and the standard five classrooms making it four, they got into the infant division and they got into four other classrooms that is infant one, infant two and three, they also got into the snack shop they went away with juice, they went away with cooler, they went away with water and they got into the pre-school.”

ROXANNI GARCIA- Concerned Parent

“This has been like the fourth breaking in San Francisco one behind the other and it is really, really, threatening for the school because they even left the graffiti in the school behind and I don’t think it is fair for San Francisco School to be losing stuff and children losing classes.”

Parents are irate and expressed the need for security personnel re-instated at the school campus.

Roxannie Garcia

“I’m really concerned not only for the kids but for the school, for the safety of the kids right because we don’t know, what if kids come to school and those people are still in there, we don’t really know what to do and I think we really need maybe a watchman for the school.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Coming to that issue, the Principal was saying that if we can get the parents together and ask them to perhaps contribute a little bit more, will you be oppose to that notion to get a person here on payroll for security reasons?”


Roxannie Garcia

“Well, I’ll be willing to help as a parent I would pay to help pay for a security because it is necessary now.”

What’s interesting to note is that the perpetrators left their marks as they targeted each of the ten classrooms and on their last stop, in the Pre School, vandalized the classroom. The graffiti left behind is an indication that the perpetrators form part of a gang alliance.

Percival Gideon- Teacher Upper Division

“Sad to say some names were mentioned and yes that is the point, which is exactly what you think, this is a point of retaliation, I take it personally that they are sending a message that yes we are here and we are going to do.”

As a result of the burglary, classes were disrupted and cancelled for the five hundred school kids that arrived this morning.

Percival Gideon- Teacher Upper Division

“I was made to understand that the manager made that decision to cancel classes for today, I hope it is only for today, but I need to mention that indeed it is not only the children, the whole community loses, let’s look it this way. I am a teacher here, teacher Percival, they are not stealing from teacher Percival, they are not stealing from teacher Yany or teacher Blanca the administrators,  indeed they are stealing from the San Francisco School which is a community, I want to make stress that it is about time for us San Francisco community to look for our school we need to protect our school, we need to be more vigilant on our school in all aspect not only to contribute but we need to look forward to try to protect our school because indeed it is a big lose and at the end of the day the children are the ones losing the most.”

Although the police have a few leads, no arrests have been made and investigations continue.

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