Screen_shot_2013-11-08_at_6.41.14_PMToday marks 161 days into the 2013 Hurricane Season and while the country has been spared from devastating tropical storms, the downpours have been causing much flooding in vulnerable low laying areas of the country. And tonight there are more than a few people across the country singing rain, rain go away! So, if you’re wondering what the weather will look like during the weekend, Meteorologist at the National Met Office, Ronald Gordon says that more rain and unstable conditions will continue to dominate the weather.

Ronald Gordon– Meteorologist, National Met Service

“We are expecting it to continue moist and unstable so we are expecting thunder storms and showers and period of rain to continue throughout the weekend.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“What are some of the contributing factors is there a system out there that we should worry about?”

Ronald Gordon– Meteorologist, National Met Service

“In terms of tropical activities no, the system that we have is a current draft which is providing moist surface area and at the air level of the above sphere we have an anti-cyclone which is helping to ventilate and lift causing thunder storm activities so we are looking at the possibility of about three to four inches of rainfall.  Whenever we have this kind of rainfall we could expect local flooding and just as the recent rainfall and the soil moist it raise the chance of localize flooding up north and in various part of the country not only north.  Looking at the long term forecast there will be a slight decrease starting let say on Monday, but Saturday and Sunday will quite moist and unstable. Always be on the alert, stay ready lookout for flooding look out for water level and if you see it rising take action and move out.”

Motorists are asked to exercise extreme caution when passing flooded areas and while travelling on the highways as rains have affected most major and secondary roads and streets throughout the country. To report emergencies contact Regional Coordinators in the North; Elodio Aragon at 636-6094 or Zuleima Caliz at 605-5054.

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