Screen_shot_2013-11-08_at_6.41.22_PMThe last time we reported on the October 29th murder of 57 year old Canadian National, Patricia Lynn Nichiporowich, we told you that one person had been detained for questioning. That person was released from police custody due to lack of evidence and to date there are no leads whatsoever that may direct police to Nichiporowich murderer.

Today marks eleven days that Nichiporowich was stabbed to death by a ruthless killer while at her home located in the ocean-front community of Consejo Shores.


As previously mentioned, the 57 year old was home alone when neighbors reported hearing loud cries for help coming from the residence. When residents reached the house the cries for help had ceased and no one was seen in the area.

Fearing the worst, one of the neighbors used a ladder to access the upper flat of the building where Nichiporowich lived.   That is when he saw Nichiporowich lying face down in a pool of blood in her bedroom with multiple stab wounds to the neck and body. 

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