Today a number of small and medium sized entrepreneurs and other members of the Orange Walk community involved in the Tourism Industry participated in one of many series of training workshops conducted by the Belize Tourism Industry Association and the Belize Tourism Board.

The workshops aim is to train small and medium sized entrepreneurs in a number of areas in order to better off the Tourism Industry which is considered as one of the main pillars of the Belizean economy. Today as the workshop was conducted restaurant and hotel owners, artisans, taxi drivers and other members of the community learnt more about the importance of offering quality service to tourists and Belizeans on a whole.

btb2Minor Larion- BTBs Direct on Line Manager

“It is like a broad base cross section of quality assurance customer service and some of the highlights on how to promote some of their main activities as a micro entrepreneur.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“What have been some of the participants concern?”

Minor Larion- BTBs Direct on Line Manager

“I think guidance overall when you are small entrepreneur you lack one the training perhaps the education too and the guidance and leadership in organizing you know sometime you want to get something done but you don’t know how to tap on the financial resources or how to develop a business plan or just how to about getting certain things done in term of marketing or training opportunities so this workshop helps to tie in all the loose ends.”

According to BTBs Direct on Line Manager Minor Larion, the main objective of the workshop is to have entrepreneurs here in Belize incorporate more of what is considered international standards into their business.

Minor Larion- BTBs Direct on Line Manager

“One of the main objectives is to elect a refresher for quality assurance and customer service along with some of the impacts that Tourism has on a whole on each destination. A lot of times a lot of people don’t remember that Tourism also has a social environmental and financial impact on many other destinations. More often small and medium size entrepreneurs don’t have the training capabilities that we are kind of incorporating in this workshop. I think it is extremely importance to offer a customer service oriented Tourism package there is a lot of challenges when it comes to tourism in terms of getting here the cost is very high. We need to realize that Belize is a very unique tourism destination and many a times we need to focus on quality instead of quantity and that is where customer service comes in play. Two weeks ago I was at a hotel in Belize district and they had actually a bell when it’s time for dinner. How many other destinations can you say have an experience like that? It’s all about creating an experience and customer service is a very important part of it, the faces and the cultures that they would see in Belize are incomparable.”

btb3Carmelita Perez-Reporter

“Do our Businesses lack of customer service or do we need just to improve it?”

Minor Larion- BTBs Direct on Line Manager

“I think a lot of times there is a lot of room for improvements and I’m really happy we have the education sector here because a lot times the education sector plays a big role in up bringing along with the families from the social institutions that we have in the community but it’s very important that we have a customer oriented culture and that’s one of the things that I think it need a lot of improvement in comparison to the destination.”

A total of forty persons participated in todays workshop.

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