George_ValenciaToday two men were acquitted of the charges of two counts of possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition at the Corozal Magistrates Court due to lack of evidence. Both 32 year old George Valencia, Belizean laborer of G-Street South Corozal Town and 25 year old Mexican National Juan Alliesto Hernandez Zuniga were escorted to court under heavy guard.


CTV3 News understands that while Zuniga was acquitted of the charges he remains in police custody and will be handed over to Immigration Authorities for further investigations since it is believed he is in the county illegally. We understand that he has retained the services of Attorney Arthur Saldivar.

On May 12th 2013, Corozal Police were on mobile patrol in the Dominguez Layout Area in Corozal Town, when they set chase after a black F150 pickup truck owned and driven at the time by Valencia.

Juan_Alberto_Hernandez_ZunigaDuring the pursuit, police saw the passengers tossing objects out the truck window. When the vehicle was intercepted, two men including Juan Alliesto Hernandez Zuniga exited the truck and ran into the nearby bushes while Valencia remained in the vehicle. Police set chase after the men and caught up with Zuniga while the second individual made good his escape.

A search of the area where the objects were thrown led to the discovery of one 9mm black in color Beretta Pistol and a magazine containing fourteen 9mm rounds.

A further search of the area led police to the discovery of two additional magazines each containing fifteen 9mm live rounds and a black ski mask. The following day police returned to the area with the two accused where the search continued and led to the discovery of one 9mm Browning Pistol along with one magazine containing thirteen 9mm live rounds.

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