Last night we told you the exceptional story of Sidney Rhaburn, a gifted young man from St. Peters Anglican School in Orange Walk. He has been selected as part of the national football team which will head to Athens, Greece next week to participate in the Special Olympics. That participation has been made possible through the assistance of various organizations and individuals in Belize who recognize the importance of empowering our youth through the Special Olympics! Peace Corps volunteer Christen Eure told us that without the generosity displayed the trip would not have been possible.

chrisChristen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“There has been a lot of Belize support for the National Team for Special Olympics Nationally. Locally we have had support from our Parents Support Group they have done fund raisers for Sydney to send him to all these trainings he has gone to P.G a couple of times for training here in Orange Walk we have had the Customs Department, S.P Discount Centre and Saint Peters of Course which has been of great assistance.”

And one of the organizations which has played a vital role in making the trip possible is the Parents Alliance for Persons with Special Needs in Orange Walk. Today we spoke to president of that organization Estellita Carlos.

Estellita Carlos PAPSNOW

“It was founded about five years ago it became more active last year when I as president took it over and I decided that parents need more support and that the children the support from the parents. We are a registered group now and we are working along with Care Belize we have sessions with them and we are going to have a seminar this year with them. We are also planning a summer camp for disabled children to start to enlighten them so that they can have the training for another Olympics to represent Orange Walk Town.”

And with that commitment to youths like Sidney Rhaburn, the organization provided valuable assistance to the team.

Estellita Carlos PAPSNOW

“We are helping parents whenever they need it and right now the biggest support that we are giving to the athlete is that we had a dinner sale and we raised $500 for him. We handed over the money to Miss Christine so that she can help with the starting of the training of the Special Olympic.”

Next week well bring you coverage of the entire national team as it stops in Orange Walk before heading to Greece.

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