Belize_Police_Dept-BPDpolice_logoA resident of Progresso Village is tonight recuperating from a gunshot wound at the Northern Regional Hospital after he was shot by a police officer on duty. Yesterday, at around 5:36pm, P.C Oscar Arzu, Officer In Charge of the Progresso Police Substation, was called out to the home of Roberto Pasos, a cane farmer of Progresso.


Upon arrival, Officer Arzu was informed that 26 year old Dalio Sedacy, 24 year old Jesse Sedacy and Jose Maria Portillo, who were apparently under the influence of alcohol, approached Pasos at his residence and accused him of trying to run then over with his pickup. After the accusation was made, Dalio Sedacy reportedly punched Pasos on the left side of the cheek.

The situation escalated when P.C Arzu proceeded to detain the three men. As Arzu handcuffed Dalio Sedacy and proceeded to do the same with Jesse Sedacy, Portillo pushed him. P.C Arzu warned Portillo to move away but he continued advancing towards him and even tried to take away his service revolver. As a result P.C Arzu took out his revolver and fired a single shot at Portillo injuring him on the left foot.


Police retrieved one expended shell from the scene and P.C Arzu handed over his .38 Revolver and five .38 Special S&B rounds to his fellow officers.

After the rukus all three men were detained. Portillo remains at the NRH under police guard.

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