Whistleblower Alverine Burgess surprised the nation when she made it on the Dickie Bradley Show aired on Channel Five on Monday and went into details on the visa facilitated procedure which according to her saw Belize Rural North Representative Edmund Castro collecting thousands of dollars. Burgess also revealed that when she when she was interrogated by the US Embassy, an employee played back conversations that she'd had with Castro and another person on the sale of visa. It’s a story that has raised many eyebrows and one that questioned the credibility of Burgess.


It also brought to light that there may be a possibility that the US is engage in electronic surveillance or wire tapping activities in Belize. Well, today Belize City media spoke with a spokesperson at the US Embassy who said that while they are deeply concerned about allegations about VISA or Passport fraud, they categorically denied recording anyone in connection to this matter.

Screen_Shot_2013-11-15_at_7.24.42_PMMargret Hawthorne- Charge D' Affairs, US Embassy

“We are of course very concern about the allegations of visa or passport fraud really anywhere in the world but because it concerns us when something like this is happening so we are following this matter very closely, what I can say is that person you mention as the informant came into the embassy for a visa interview at her own, I am not at liberty to talk about what was discussed during that interview because U.S law does not allows us to do that but I can say that her statements has been inaccurate and that I can assure you that the U.S embassy has no recorded anyone included any government officials in connection with this matter with what is going on here, that is not correct.”


“Can we get a categorical statement from you as well on, are there any forms of organizations here by the US government that is conducting any types of wiretapping or phone call monitoring in this country at all on any issue?”


Margret Hawthorne- Charge D' Affairs, U.S Embassy  

“I can’t comment on any kind of intelligence activity that the United stated may or may not engage so I really can’t address that question.”


“You said that some of her comments were inaccurate, could you tell us I what areas…?

Margret Hawthorne- Charge D' Affairs U.S Embassy 

“I mean I really can’t address some of the specific comments, as I said of what I said is that the US has not recorded anybody in connection with this matter and that is really the most that I can say at this point. Again we has not recorded anybody.”

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