Screen_shot_2013-11-13_at_6.02.55_PMAs we speak more than half a mile of the road between Chunox and Sarteneja is under water. Last night we reported three feet but due to the constant rains the water has risen making it more difficult for residents of Sarteneja to make it in and out of the village.


In order to reach the village residents, including children have to walk more than a mile in murky waters thus putting their health at risk. Yesterday, Secretary of the Sarteneja Village Council Darnell Cruz pleaded for assistance. When we spoke to NEMO Coordinator for Corozal Willard Levy he told us that engineers would travel to the area to access the situation and while the assessment is carried out personnel of the Belize Defense Force would be deployed to the area to assist villagers in moving from one to the other.

We understand that early this morning a BDF truck was sent to the location but the vehicle was unable to make it across the flooded waters.

Willard Levy

“Due to the recent rains that we have from since this morning it is obvious that the situation has worsen and that ministry of works is trying to see what they can do in the meanwhile we got the BDF to go out there and see what assistance they can give to the people ad unfortunately the water is so high that the BDF truck was unable to go through that water so we have identified a tractor and trailer to try to transport the people over from point A to point B, that is the situation right now and we are awaiting the ministry of work to give us some kind of feedback as to what and how they could do something about this issue of the flooding in the road.”

As for the engineers, they were unable to travel to the area due to the inclement weather.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Many villagers from the village of Sarteneja were excited with the fact that engineers were supposed to be in the area sometime today I believe to do some of the assessment, anything towards this info?”

Willard Levy

“No, so far I think it is because of the continue rain they didn’t go out there but I expect they will be there over the weekend and they need to go out there and do some kind of evaluation.   Mr. Tun on the other hand which is the regional supervisor for Orange Walk and Corozal for ministry of works he has promised that he will be going over tomorrow morning and do his personal assessment on the situation with the Sarteneja road so that he can made his report.”

Driver of the tractor and trailer Bartolo Tun is willing to assist anyone who wishes to travel in or out of the village. Residents of Sarteneja can contact him at 666-1564.

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