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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Several families in the Lousiana Area here in Orange Walk have fallen victim to flooding due to the incessant rains. Water is threatening to enter their homes as their yard is already saturated. This makes it difficult for the affected families to lead normal lives as children are falling ill and missing out on classes. Our newsteam was dispatched to the area and here’s what we found out.

Screen_Shot_2013-11-15_at_7.55.23_PMMaria Novelo- Reporting

The torrential rains have been relentless over the past few weeks and for several families in the Louisiana Area this spells problems as the flooded waters are threatening to enter their homes. We spoke to a few residents who are pleading for assistance.

Aaron Miller - Resident

“We got a problem with the street, if we had this street we wouldn’t have had this amount of flood, because when I was working with Mr. Burns he gave me a little access with the material, so we were filling up here and so if you notice all the water just cut all the way into my land and we are filling up but so much truck has come here with Mr. Burns gave me a little hand and thank to him we get a little opportunity now if the government would only help us on the street then we got access out but right now we have no access, we got this neighbor back here and that one there, the people who sell and so and then the kids cannot go to school and if it get higher it will be a problem. Back ya da four families and Mr. Popper here, and this next gentleman back here we get flood out and then over the next street flood out too, like the people over there they flood out too, it is a problem and I will have to evacuate if it continues but where we will go, rent expensive we cannot afford that, we have one job and the kids go to school and we cannot afford that, that is the only problem we have right now.”

One resident told us her family is becoming ill as the water seeps through her home.

Area Resident

“Las condiciones en que estamos viviendo es de que todos estamos aquí dentro del agua, todos estamos bajo del agua, todos nos estamos enfermándonos aquí por esta agua, no tenemos ayuda de nadie, el gobierno no sabe si uno come o no come, antes tan si quiera nos traían un poquito de harina, un poquito de arroz algo para ayudarnos ahora nada, la gente sale a cómo puede salir de aquí si se ahogó dentro el lodo que se ahoguen, ahorita no quieren votos, cuando quieran votos allí van a estar viendo a gente como están como estamos a cada ratito va a ver carro tras carro a ver como uno esta, pero cuando consiguieron los votos se olvidaron de la gente.”

Area Resident

“We really know this condition is really bad, this area is getting flooded and a lot of water getting into people houses and we want to get some help and for the government to visit this area to see what is happening to this area so we need some help so we have to get out of these houses and find a shelter somewhere else and so avoid the sickness. It is going up little by little.”

According to District Coordinator for NEMO in OW, Zuleima Celiz, the organization is ready to provide shelter for those that need to evacuate their homes.

Zuleima Caliz – District Coordinator – NEMO/OW

“We are willing to get a vehicle if they want to evacuate or they want to go into a shelter we are willing to open a shelter for them, I have visited and spoke to some of the families and they said that they will think about it and they do not want to leave their homes.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“This shelter where will that be?”

Zuleima Caliz – District Coordinator – NEMO/OW

“We will be opening Multi-Purpose Complex for all the families that are willing to evacuate, we can assist them with a truck to pick up their stuff or if they want to move to any other family member or to any other location, they don’t have to move to the shelter if they don’t want to we can assist them otherwise.”

To report emergencies contact Regional Coordinators in the North; Elodio Aragon at 636-6094 or Zuleima Celiz at 605-5054.

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