In the Corozal District residents living in Potzal Area, Chula Vista, and other flood prone areas have been experiencing localize flooding. But while they remain at home, the same cannot be said for two families who had to evacuate their home and are presently housed at the San Andres Community Center.


Screen_Shot_2013-11-15_at_7.55.28_PMWillard Levy – NEMO

“We have some flood prone areas in Corozal Town and everybody knows, Potzal Areas is one of the flood areas apart from the Chula Vista, we haven’t had any flood treats from Chula Vista area as yet but the other area Potzal we have two families that have already reported, they have been flooded into their homes, at this point I have already made arrangements to relocate them to one of our shelters and that is the San Andres community shelter and they will be relocated to that area until the water recedes.”

According to the National Meteorological Service of Belize more rain is predicted overnight and tomorrow. Any one that finds the need to evacuate their home can contact NEMO Corozal at 623-0237 for immediate assistance. Well have more on the weather later on in the newscast.

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