Sugar-0001Will there be a meeting between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries Limited in Belize City tomorrow? Our best guess is there won’t. In a response letter sent to BSI today and made public to the media, the BSCFA states that the only way the meeting will take place in Belize City tomorrow is providing that the agenda for the meeting deals solely with the conclusion of the negotiation of the new commercial agreement including the payment for Bagasse.

Now, viewers might recall that in their letter sent to the BSCFA on Friday, BSI categorically stated that when it comes to the Bagasse issue, all that will be discussed is the basis on how the dispute between the parties on the matter of the claimed payment for Bagasse can be dealt with.

With both parties playing hard ball, there is no telling when a compromise will be reached. In the meanwhile, what we can tell you is that the opening of the 2013/2014 crop season, tentative for November 25th is in jeopardy and the stability of the Sugar Industry is at stake. As previously mentioned, the BSCFA is asking BSI to pay cane farmers $10.00 per every ton of Bagasse used by BELGOGEN to produce electricity which is sold to the national grid. BSI, on the other hand, maintains that cane farmers have made no investment in BELGOGEN hence there should be no revenue sharing. We understand that up to news time BSI has not responded to the BSCFA if included in tomorrow’s agenda will be the payment for Bagasse.


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