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Screen_Shot_2013-11-18_at_8.52.50_PMLast week we aired the story of flooding in the Louisiana Area. With the constant torrential rains, several families living in the area were preoccupied that the flooded waters would enter their homes since their yard was already saturated.

As we spoke to a few residents they raised several concerns and pleaded for assistance.

Tonight we are happy to report that Orange Walk East Area Representative, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, joined forces with the Orange Walk Town Council to assess the situation and find a remedial solution to the problem of flooding in the affected areas. Here’s what they told us today.

DR. TULIO MENDEZ – Area representative, OW East

“I could see that areas of Orange Walk East have been affected, specially the street, not only here the ones that are close to the riverside but also Juventus, Cuello Street, Father Larry Street that are over to the next side and we are just making an assessment to see which ones we are going to be dealing with first, but of course even dreamed this bad weather I would say within there was time that it looked like the un was going to come up and you could see that there are some areas that they had already been putting some of the white material to try to improve the street, but of course we had more rain and you could see that all the street are all muddy for the vehicles to pass through but this area here very close to the river the flooding has really affected many of the areas as you could see this street here we had to elevated a little bit more to make it more accessible to the children that are going to school and to the parents that are being affected.”


“We have decided to see how we could address, look at some of the people’s needs and one of them of course, certain things that we have to channel through NEMO and there are other and we are trying to see how we could help as a council to alleviate some of the streets conditions in these areas, there are one and two family that are already flooded and maybe they will need some assistance with material to put in there yard and we are going to see as a council how we are going to help working together with the Area Rep. earlier today we visited the Chell family they are totally under water in that area and we have to actually take a canoe to go there but the concern of the matter is that there is a lot of water.  The people need attention and so we are here to work together and the Area Rep. and together we are doing the similar things in Orange walk central but we are here in the East and I call on to NEMO as well to visit these people because these people have not been looked after, NEMO is not just for the villages but is also to address the people on the town and so I want to call on the Chairman who is Mr. Aragon to come out and visit these people they are affected, these stagnant water under people’s home can  create health hazards and you will understand that there are huge alligators in the areas as well and because the water is already in the people’s yard and so as a council we can only do so much and we are here to see what are the problems these people are facing.”

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