Screen_Shot_2013-11-20_at_8.13.16_PMEarlier we told you about a butane explosion that almost cost the life of a 30 year old Daniel Ponce, a resident from Trial Farm Village.


And while it is uncertain what caused the tank to explode, we can safely conclude that it was under massive pressure. We spoke with authorities at a well known gas company who are cautiously advising the public of damaged and unfit gas cylinders.


The spokes person explained that it is company policy to inspect all tanks before they are filled. He adds that the tanks are usually pressurized and then checks with water are made to ensure that there are no leaks.


Maria Novelo – Reporter

“What would be some of the contributing factors for a tank to explode?”


“Well, if you see the condition of this tank, how it is, if we continue to knock this section here the material will tear off and the same pressure of the tank can cause that or the material to burst or to make a hole and to start to leak the gas.  Let say if you have a fire hart and this can just hall the fire and this can cause explosion of this same tank right, so what you can see here is tank that we had, we noticed the condition of the tank so we just decided to change it before something can explode or something worst can happen so what we did  was just to remove it from where we had it and gave the customer a new one, for all the customers that we are working with right now, we just would like to recommend them that if their tank is in this condition to change it before something can happen to them.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“In terms of an explosion of an explosion what type of pressure are we talking about?”


“Well, if you see that tanks that we usually use the pressure that it give us it is from s hundred to a hundred and fifty to hundred and eighty pounds of pressure, so we cannot trust them because if you put the pressure and in that condition it can cause an explosion or something worst.”

Just like any other hazardous material or activity, human error is a primary factor in preventing or contributing to any type of accident, however serious in nature.

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