busThe Belizean Bus Association gave Government until Friday June 9th to give back all bus operators their runs and to remove Westline from the Transportation Industry. When we spoke to President of the BBA Thomas Shaw on Friday afternoon government had not responded to those demands but as Shaw mentioned in the interview the day was not over and the BBA was still hopeful that by Friday midnight government would agree to the demands.

But the response from government never came and to show their discontent on Saturday morning bus operators held a peaceful demonstration in Belize City. Even though the support was not overwhelming Shaw says what is truly important is that government realizes that Saturdays demonstration is only a preview of coming attractions.

Thomas Shaw- President BBA

“Basically we are doing something with some of the operators from the north, some form the west. So we participated on Saturday on a rally around town to show the discontent on what it was actually taking place, it was about six or seven operators basically, it wasn’t nothing big it was just to show their discontent.”

Carmelita Perez-Reporter

“I understand that you all had the Belizean flag upside down?”

Thomas Shaw- President BBA

“Well basically, that’s a nation in distress that’s why the flag was upside down, that’s what it means. You are not satisfied and that’s what it means, they are giving the operators something they are not satisfied and they are pushing it down the people’s throat, it’s really crazy at this moment what it is taking place.’

But up to news time today government had still not responded to BBAs demands.

shawThomas Shaw- President BBA

“We have not receive anything in writing, verbally we have not receive anything as it is everything remains the same, we haven’t gotten no response from them but what is actually taking place some of the operators they are afraid to really step out and get on the media to really show their discontent and they are so afraid that to come out and speak out then it look like it is the association is the one to wave into trouble but in reality people are not satisfied. The association is here to fight for them but and as it is up to date this is where we are and send them a letter and we had our demands but have not gotten any response yet.”

According to Shaw the BBA is willing to wait two days more for government to respond to the demands made.

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