Screen_Shot_2013-11-26_at_8.52.52_PMA few days ago we told you about the terrible condition in which the San Estevan/Progresso Road finds itself in. The current road condition is affecting the livelihood of many Orange Walkenos and Corozalenos. With the road packed up by mud, students and other commuters also find themselves in big trouble since it takes them forever to get to school and work.


The situation has gotten so serious, that the topic was brought up at the last sitting of the House of Representatives by the Honorable John Briceno in hope of getting some sort of assistance in the area, but that is yet to come.


And the situation is only getting worse because with the heavy rains over the past days, the condition of the road has further deteriorated.


Pictures sent to our news room are evidence of that statement. The road is impassable, so much so, that even buses traveling from Sarteneja are unable to reach their destination. Hours are spent in trying to push or pull buses and other vehicles out of the thick mud, day and night. From what we are able to tell, commuters have become intolerable of the situation and are demanding that the road be fixed.

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