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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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Screen_Shot_2013-11-29_at_8.53.16_PMWhat better way to bring the school week to a close than with some music or even better yet with music by your very own classmates. This is exactly what the students at Saint Peter’s Anglican Primary School did this morning to reel in the weekend and to close off their celebrations of stewardship month. Our news team was there and documented the event. Here’s a look at their performances.

Dalila Ical – Reporting


Just as the sun peeked from behind some clouds, a handful of students from Saint Peter’s Primary School did their share to warm up the morning by doing something not very common in schools...they rapped.


This was their way of closing Stewardship Month observed by all Anglican Schools in Belize. Special Ed Teacher Dianeli Medina told us more about their initiative.


Dianeli Medina – Special Ed Teacher

“Stewardship is basically how you can help other to take care of their bodies it entails of things, some of our students went out to do some cleaning and others did some baking and has sharing of cookies, special Ed, that is what we did, and this year we wanted to do something bigger and better and that is why we decided to do this rap it came from management, so all of Belize the Anglican School are having this rap competition today.”


It was a first for the students who performed really well. And even more surprising was that students from the Special Ed Department were represented in the event by standard six student Sulmi Valencia.


Dianeli Medina – Special Ed Teacher

“This year what we had we had our special Ed. Students, our deaf group went into our regular classroom so we had so Eds in the Standard six and the rest of the students in the standard four which is going great because they are tapping the classrooms, we had our Deaf student Genelle and she came in first in her class, in standard four with her interpreter.”


And the support was amazing.


Dianeli Medina – Special Ed Teacher

“That’s one thing our students here at St. Peters we really support each other , especially when it come to our Special Eds students, we go all out for them and am so happy that Sulmi had the courage to come out and do this.”


For her part, Sulmi Valencia expressed she was reluctant at first although we can’t say we saw that in her performance.


Sulmi Valencia – Student

“I knew I was brave enough to be able to go into the competition, I didn’t  know if I was going to be presenting at school or in just Belize but I knew that I could do it and I enjoyed the experience.  It was fun to be involved in the rap, the crowd was there and I know that I am going to be graduating from standard six and I am going to high school and I excite because I know that deaf people can be involve in raps and they can do it these days.”


Dianeli Medina 

“Now our first place if Sulmi Valencia from standard six lets give her a round of applause.”


Second place went to Shafron Coleman, Kienie Obando, and Rahem Alvarez. Third place went to Adriani Cantun, Kaliyah Cocom, Andre Briceno, and Adrian Cantun. All winners will be receiving a gift before school closes for the holidays.


Dianeli Medina – Special Ed Teacher

“You know you learn and I hope that next year we continue doing it, I’m really happy the students enjoyed it.”


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