Screen_Shot_2013-11-29_at_8.52.35_PMEducation at a very early stage is extremely important since a child’s brain absorbs information quicker at that age.  In the entire Corozal District there are approximately 36 pre-schools that cater for toddlers between the ages of 3 to 4.

Among those 36 pre-schools is Santa Clara/San Roman RC Pre- School, currently housed at the Santa Clara Community Center. But that is about to change thanks to the pre-school’s Parent Teacher Association who have organized a radio-thon in order to raise funds to construct a building for the pre-school.

Gregoria Canul- Principal Santa Clara/San Roman RC Pre- School

“The building is sometimes used for meetings, for their fairs, for their own activities right, so when we come here or when there is a need to use the place we have to move all of our things on one side and then on Monday we have to put it back again and so we don’t have that problem or inconvenience so see the need of our own pre-school.”


Gregoria Canul- Principal Santa Clara/San Roman RC Pre- School

“Ok we are planning to have this reggeaton on December and the purpose are to build our own pre-school building so as to have our own building for the children and likewise we are suing the community center but we see that there is a need for us to have our own building. The village council needs to have their own building too so we say it is time for us to have our own pre-school building and our goal is to achieve what we have put in place to get our building then.”

But in order to construct the 20 x 24 building, a large sum of money is needed, $18,000.00 to be exact.


Gregoria Canul- Principal Santa Clara/San Roman RC Pre- School

“Yes we have an estimate of 18,000 and I know that with the help of people and commercial houses I know that we are going to get to our goal.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Have you approached the village council and ministry of education pertaining to this project and have you gotten a reply?”

Gregoria Canul- Principal Santa Clara/San Roman RC Pre- School

“Yes sir, we have gotten a reply from the village council and we will soon get a response from the ministry of education.  We are going to have the reggeaton right here at the compound and we are expecting the community to support.  We want to make our children happy, the parents and myself so that we can feel secure in our own place. We have our PTA committee and me, the Principal with our contact numbers.”

San Roman/ Santa Clara Pre School opened its door back in 2006 and since then it has seen 90% of the students enrolled at the primary Level.

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