shopNews spread like wildfire this afternoon that another Chinese store in Orange Walk had been robbed in broad daylight. The incident happened at around 2:30pm when four men, one of them armed with a firearm, entered New Hong Fua Supermarket and robbed the store. CTV3 News reporter Carmelita Perez and cameraman Lucio Alcoser were at the scene of the crime minutes after it took place and filed the following report.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

Shots rang out this afternoon on Belize/Corozal Road as New Hong Fua Supermarket was being robbed by four men, one armed with a firearm. At the time of the incident one customer along with sales man Adar Awe were inside the store.

According to the male customer by the time he realized that the place was being robbed it was already too late and shots had already rang out.

Robbery Witness

“Cuando entre allí estaban los dos muchachos saliendo de la tienda luego uno se fue para atrás y el otro se quedo aquí parado yo entere a agarrar mis cosas el señor que estaba vendiendo el que el chino estaba atendiendo le estaba mostrando los productos que hacen falta y de repente escuche disparos y el muchacho cayo. Yo me tuve que proteger y luego escuche más disparos y cuando yo mire el negro estaba disparando para allá y luego se fueron por allá. Yo mire a dos dicen que son tres pero yo solo mire a dos. Lastimaron al señor que estaba vendiendo dicen que es el vendedor de Vega. No lastimaron al chino porque yo mire que él salió tras ellos en el caro y las mujeres se quedaron aquí. No estaban enmascarados.”

CTV3 News understands that after shooting Awe on the right leg the robbers made good their escape on foot with some $400 to $500 in cash, leaving behind broken sunglasses and a brown t-shirt. At the scene of the crime Police found two expended shells on the counter and one outside the business establishment.

But Police wasted no time and their quick response led to the detention of five men believed to have carried out the robbery. Two of the individuals were detained by Police as they were running inside an abandoned lot located close to the Palmar Government School. One of the suspected robbers seen in this footage was shot by Police on the right leg as he was trying to escape. He is believed to be from the Orange Walk District. When we left the scene this afternoon Police were still searching for the weapon believed to have been used during the robbery.

CTV3 News understands that while two of the suspected robbers were apprehended near the Palmar Government School, two others were detained by the Establo Restaurant while traveling on a bus heading to Chetumal and one other suspect was captured by the Pasadita Area. It is believed that the reason the robbers made off with less than $500 is that the proprietor had just made a deposit.

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