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Screen_Shot_2013-12-04_at_8.07.55_PMWhile the streets in the Marcus Canul area are being fixed by the Orange Walk Town Council, residents in the area of San Pablo Street have another complaint. It is related to stagnant water that doesn’t particularly accumulate as a result of the rains. It’s a problem caused by another household in the area and residents say they have grown tired and want the problem resolved soon. Reporter Dalila Ical has more on the matter.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

The problem, as stated by one of the residents of San Pablo Street, is stagnant water that floods the side of the road. It is not caused by rains. The water comes from one yard where the complainant Maria Wright says there is no soak away.


Maria Wright – Complainant

“El problema es de esa agua que sale de la casa del vecino y él se llama Armando Usher.  Él no tiene soak away él tiene cemento toda su casa entonces pone su tubo directo en mi terreno y allí lavan todo los días y ponen el pool grande y bota el agua allí y como puede ver hay agua todo el tiempo llueva o no llueva aquí siempre hay agua, mis niños se van a la escuela a veces salen descalzos hasta allí y ponen sus zapatos hasta allí porque aquí se llena de agua como usted lo ve y ya todo los vecino estamos cansados de esto porque Town Board componen la calle pero es como si no hacen nada pasan carros y se hace un desastre en la calle."

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Han hecho el intento de hablar con el vecino?”

Maria Wright – Complainant

“La verdad no, porque el como si lo ignora a uno por ser uno más pobre pues, se ve en la persona que el ignora a uno el no le importa.”

Wright compiled signatures of other residents in the area who have also been affected by the situation. She presented the problem and the signatures to the Public Health Department but she says she has not received any response. While there, we asked Omar Mendez, Operations Manager at the Orange Walk Town Council whether they have heard about the complaint.


Omar Mendez – Operations Manager, OWTC

“We have received the complaint especially on this area, the resident from this house is dumping his waste water right here in the street and it is affecting the neighbours at the site, the address is on the public health department already we have contacted them and they have come already and they have seen it, pictures has been taken so it is up to them to take the proper answers or the measures for it that should be done.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“Now, drainage can sometimes could also be a problem is there something that is going to be added to this area in terms of drainage towards the side of the street to alleviate flooding?”


Omar Mendez – Operations Manager, OWTC

“Exactly, this area has or some areas has drainage and the ones that exist we will clean them properly and for instance this area does not have any drainage so we will make sure we open drainage before the rains they start.”


Other residents also complained of reckless waste disposal of other neighbours. For them, it is about being considerate of others.


Maria Wright – Complainant

“Todos tenemos que ver el bien estar de todos no, yo no solo voy a ver solo mi bien estar mío si no los de todos que no perjudique a los demás per a él no les importa eso.”

And for Wright, the sooner the problem is addressed the better.


Maria Wright – Complainant

“Entre más pronto mejor porque todos los años hemos visto esto no es solo ahorita esto es ano entero todo el ano corrido llueva o no llueva siempre esto esta así.”

Our News Team attempted to obtain a comment from the resident who is allegedly responsible for the problem but received no answer after calling outside the house.

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#1 Concerned 2013-12-05 22:45
I believe this is irresponsible reporting on behalf of Centaur. You need to get the two sides of any story before you publish stories and especially names in your broadcast. I am familiar with the resident that was mentioned in the newscast. I know they have a soakway, but have had difficulties with it due to the low lying area in which they live. I can go on in regards to what has been done to address the issue, but my main point is that I am concerned that Centaur can run this type of news and affect the names and credibility of Orange Walk residents.

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