A woman police constable is in stable condition after being brutally attacked this afternoon with a machete. Orange Walk Police are still looking for her assailant who we understand is also wanted in connection for another matter. Dalila Ical has more on the story.


Screen_Shot_2013-12-05_at_8.14.12_PMDalila Ical– Reporting

By the time police responded to the chopping incident on this street that extends off East San Martin Street in Trial Farm Village, the perpetrator had made good his escape.

The incident played out sometime around two thirty in the afternoon in the yard of senior citizen Vicente Cho. According to one eyewitness, she was coincidentally standing at her door when the incident occurred and saw part of what had transpired. She says a red pickup truck pulled up in the area and three persons stepped out and approached the house while the driver remained inside the vehicle. One man whom we understand is Oscar Hernandez was in the yard at the time and spoke with the three individuals.


“Solo vi que el moreno el chofer se paró por acá y las otras tres personas; una morenita y una guerrita ella y un muchacho guarrito se pararon allí en la portada el muchacho vino y les atendió y empezaron a platicar pues yo no sé de qué estaban platicando pero después yo mire que el muchacho se fue atrás y los muchachos allí empujaron la portada y de allí mire que venía corriendo el muchacho con el machete y agarro a la muchacha a dale, a dale y bidé que la muchacha cayó al suelo y el muchacho le seguía dando y después yo vi que el muchacho andaba recogiendo piedra para ayudar y al mismo yo marque al número de la policía cuando se montaron a pickup y se fueron.”

Hernandez inflicted an undisclosed number of chop wounds to Woman Police Constable Marilyn Pate who is attached to the domestic violence unit at the Orange Walk Police Formation. She was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital and is in stable condition. Another eyewitness says he saw Hernandez flee after attacking WPC Pate.



“Oí que machete estaba sonando como que le estaban dándole a algo y entonces oí que los perros cuando yo vi solo bidé que metieron a una persona y se lo llevaron, se lo llevaron rápido y cuando Salí bidé que había sangre por la casa venia para en frente. Al rato regreso la policía y vinieron a buscarlo pero no estaba el hombre solo hizo ese incidente y se escape por atrás.”

CTV-3 News was reliably informed that WPC Pate had gone to the residence along with members of the human development department. We were made to understand that WPC Pate intended to detain Hernandez pending investigations into allegations of his involvement with a female minor. Since the incident, Hernandez remains at large.


We understand that Hernandez is not the owner of the house and was only given shelter there by the proprietor Vicente Cho. Orange Walk police are now actively seeking Oscar Hernandez for questioning into this incident.

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