Parents Against Drunk Drivers is a non- profit organization that formed several years ago to promote safe driving by dissuading motorists from drinking and driving. Three to four years ago, the group went dormant but today it has been fully reactivated as a result of the increase in accidents due to drunken driving. President of PADD in Orange Walk, Armando Valdez, says it is important for this message to reverberate once more after seeing so many people lose their lives in traffic accidents involving drunk drivers.

Screen_Shot_2013-12-06_at_8.22.03_PMArmando Valdez – President, PADD

“This week unfortunately with that accident that happened in Belize City when that baby child was killed and his little brother foot was broken many of the member asked that we do something about it so that Corozal Tow and Orange Walk Town group of PADD have come together today, we just had a meeting this afternoon and we deiced to reactivate the group and to bring it back and continue with the activities we used to do which is to go around and keep an eye on drunk drivers or if you see someone drinking and driving then we will call the respective authorities.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“You have the collaboration of the police department as well as a group?

Armando Valdez – President, PADD

“Yes, my dear we have the support, we had a meeting along with them and they came on board with us, alright, we had the meeting at the conference room at the Police station here in Orange Walk Town along with the of the Municipal Traffic Section, they will also be joining us to see that we do what we want to do to stop drunk and driving around, enjoying yourself but not while you are driving please.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So in other words the reactivation means that the members start immediately in looking out in the community?”


Armando Valdez – President, PADD

“Yes my dear from today us starting.”

Valdez urges the community to support the organization and its efforts in making a difference especially during the holidays where many will be exposed to alcohol.

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