Screen_Shot_2013-12-06_at_8.22.37_PMOn Thursday we found women from the rural areas in the Corozal District and students of ITVET, busily working in their institute bakery as they received training on how to prepare pastries. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture in conjunction with Corozal Cooperatives hosted the one day training which was headed by Janet Castillo Parks.

Janet Castillo Parks

“Today we had this training in conjunction with the agriculture department and the cooperatives and as the Women Group for Corozal Progressive we invited other groups from San Antonio and Patchakan and ITVET students her to join us in this pastry preparation work shop today.  Here today we prepared black fruit cake and white fruit cake because of the Christmas season. We had 34 participants all together which they combined the women group from all the way from Chunox, Louisville, Xaibe, Chan Chen, San Antonio, Patchakan and Corozal Town.”

With new cooperative officers in place, there is a new sense of energy in the department. 

Janet Castillo Parks

“For this project we got a new cooperative officer, Mr. Hector Castellanos and a new district administrator for the Agriculture Department and they have brought new energy and new a sense of being to the Corozal District so we outlined a plan of activities which this is the first that we are starting today so that we can bring women and youth together, first of all as an income generating, bottom line objective would income generating and after that second objective is to just make sure that all of Corozal district can have their groups that will come together under one umbrella to do community project, help themselves and help their community and this is our first step in this pastry preparation training that we had.”

The main focus of the program is to teach participants how to become financially sustainable.


“Pues lo primero que aprendí es como hacer el pastel porque nunca he tenido un entrenamiento como este para hacer pastel, hacia pastel en mi casa pero no a la forma a como ellos nos enseñaron.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Que es la forma diferente como de lo que usted hace de lo que aprendió el día de hoy?”


“Los ingredientes, como mesclar los ingredientes, como poner las frutas porque yo hago pastel pero no le pongo frutas y la forma como ellos nos enseñaron a batirlo.”

According to Hector Castellanos, Coordinator, this is one of many projects that are in plan for the Corozal District.

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