Screen_Shot_2013-12-11_at_7.57.36_PMPolice investigations continue into the unfortunate mishap that claimed the life of fifty four year old Magdalena Castellanos of San Lazaro Village. Castellanos was sitting on a chair outside on her veranda when she was hit and crushed against the wall of her home by a blue Mazda pickup truck. One young man who came to her aid after hearing the commotion told CTV-3 News that Castellanos had a pulse but she soon succumbed to her injuries while she was being transported to the Northern Regional Hospital. Today the police spoke more on what their initial investigation has revealed.

Dalila Ical – Reporting


Fifty-four year old Magdalena Castellanos died in the arms of one of the young men who ran to her aid after hearing a loud crash and screams.


Police report that they observed one broken arm on the deceased but no other physical injury was visible.


The nature of the incident has many villagers speculating as to what may have gone wrong. At the time the woman driving the vehicle is reported to have entered the yard with the intention of leaving some money towards a syndicate. The driver in her statement told police that when she tried to apply the brakes, it failed and she ran straight into Castellanos.


Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“Our information is that when the driver applied the brakes on the vehicle to come to a stop the brakes failed and that is the reason why the deceased was crushed in between the vehicle and the house and she received the injuries and she was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital and the information is that she died on a vehicle at the hospital.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Are there any indications so far that into your investigations that proved that indeed the brakes from the vehicle malfunction or is not functioning?”

Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“This is a process that we need to bring in the expert in that field to do the inspection of the motor vehicle inspector this is a motor vehicle inspector and he will brought in due time to carry out the inspection of the vehicle and his report to determine what are the false of the vehicle and if indeed that was the cause of the accident.”

Police have refrained from publicizing the name of the driver because no charges have been levied on her as yet. According to Cantun the case is a little more complex than usual.


Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“The driver was detained where she gave her account of the incident, however, because the nature of the accident we received advise of the Director of Public Prosecutor to see where we proceed from this angle of the investigation and more than likely charges will be preferred against her that is formalities but at this point in time no charges has been brought up to her the matter is still under investigation we seeking advice of the legal counsel.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Is she still in police custody?”

Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“She is not in police custody at this time, we recorded the statement and upon consultation with the crown counsel she was allowed to go home and pending the outcome of the investigation.”

A post mortem was scheduled for today but so far those results have been unconfirmed.

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