Screen_Shot_2013-12-11_at_7.57.56_PMEvery so often we come across allegations of police brutality and today another such report surfaced. A San Pablo resident and his outraged family visited our studios to share their tale. Reporter Maria Novelo has that story.


Maria Novelo – Reporting

An outraged Arcurio Family of San Pablo Village came to our studios pleading justice for what they allege was unnecessary force used on Walter Arcurio by two officers of the Corozal Police Formation. Walter is an employee of an establishment in the Corozal Free Zone and was there at the time of the incident.

WALTER ARCURIO – Alleges Police Brutality

“In the Free Zone they alleged that I touched a lady and so they took me to the Free Zone booth and then the lady came to give her statement and then she arrange it with me that I had to pay her five hundred pesos and everybody arrived there, the police arrived and they told me that right now you will be going because the lady stayed in arrangement with you and so she had called the police to come and to get me but they told the guys over there that everything is all rightand that I am going and then the two police men that came and get me they said that I had to still go to Corozal.”

Arcurio alleges that on the way to the station he was taken to an undisclosed location where he was beaten with the butt of a gun and a stick.

WALTER ARCURIO – Alleges Police Brutality

“They beat me over her in my lip that burst and they took me to the border and after they told me because they had beaten me up and so I asked the other guy to change me to another patrol or so because they had told me that they will beat me again in the way and then the Customs told me no you can’t do anything and so they proceeded and after by the lagoon and then they went into a bush and they brought me down from the vehicle and started to beat me up again and that is what happened and they took me to Corozal but in the bush too one police man took out his gun and he beat me with his gun.”

The allegation placed against him by the complainant, Arcurio says was false but that he agreed to have settled the matter with the lady in question.

WALTER ARCURIO – Alleges Police Brutality

“At the booth the lady didn’t had anything to alleged and so I told the police man how this could happen because she didn’t had a medical report of nothing like that and so the lady stayed in agreement with me because I didn’t wanted any problems so it was all right for me but I could pay it right now because I didn’t had any money and I told her that I could pay it to her but on Tuesday so I would collect on Sunday and then I can pay her the money.”


Maria Novelo – Reporter

“The police that you are talking about can you recognized them; do you know who they are?”

WALTER ARCURIO – Alleges Police Brutality

“The one that beat me up is number 85 but by name I don’t know him but by the number I have him clearly 85.”

Arcurio says they have filed a report with the Orange Walk Police but that all they want is justice for the police’s unwarranted actions.

WALTER ARCURIO – Alleges Police Brutality

“I think this have to have some justice because I think the Police shouldn’t do this because today it me and then tomorrow it can be someone else and I think that the right of the police is to bring you in and not to beat you, why they would beat you.  If that police is seeing this news, he has the uniform but he has not right to beat because all of us are Belizeans and we live in an Independent country and we all have rights.”

Arcurio sustained a lacerated lip, bruises and abrasions to his back and arm. Authorities in Orange Walk say they have recorded the statement where it will be forwarded to the Corozal Police station where they will deal with the matter.

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