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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

There is more to report on the case involving thirty year old Azael Antonio Perez, the Guinea Grass resident and cane farmer who is alleged to have attacked two other Belizeans with a machete in San Francisco Botes, Mexico causing serious injuries. Perez is being sought for by Mexican Police after he allegedly attacked forty year old Salvador Pacheco and forty five year old Andres Celestino Batun, both sugar cane farmers of Guinea Grass Village. The incident played out on December seventh around eleven in the night. Apparently the men were drinking together and got into a misunderstanding.


The Mexican press is also reporting that Perez waited for both men to fall asleep before he attacked them in what we now understand is a house the three men shared. Pacheco is reported to be in critical condition, while Andres Celestino Batun is reported to be in critical but stable condition. While the Mexican Press is reporting that authorities there are asking Belize Police to assist in capturing Israel Perez, Police here have detained Perez. The question now is whether Perez will be extradited to Mexico so he can face criminal charges for the offenses he committed on Mexican soil. Inspector Julius Cantun addressed the question with the media today.


Screen_Shot_2013-12-11_at_7.57.56_PMInspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“This is a matter that deals with international law, normally what there must be is because of the fact that the person, Azael Perez who was allegedly wanted in Mexican territory for the chopping incident, he is a Belizean and because of that flat he is required that there be extradition request for him to be sent to the Mexican authorities for their judicial system to come into play.  I received a telephone call from Belmopan today from the Solgen’s office and I know that the matter is being looked at from our local point of view, from our local authorities there is not much we can do, we can only hold him after the 48 hours expired or whenever the extradition order is being given then only then can we hand him over to the Mexican authorities.”

The forty-eight hours Cantun is speaking of expired today. That means that by tonight Perez is a free man. So why was Perez detained in the first place? Inspector Cantun says that Guinea Grass Police brought him into custody for his own personal safety after learning of the incident he allegedly committed in San Francisco Botes. The officers recorded a statement from Perez but nothing much can be done until Mexican authorities present the extradition papers.

Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“They need to send us the arrest warrant they need to send us the section of the law, which he had violated in Mexico it an entire process until then we can only keep him for 48 hours.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Are there any measures that the police department will take to ensure or that Perez does not leave the country or does not do anything until probably when this extradition order comes out?”

Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“At this point in time there is not much that we as law enforcement agents can do because then the incident which occurred is out of our jurisdiction and we haven’t control and we wish we could help more but at this point in time Mr. Perez will remain free until the order is given.”

According to Inspector Cantun, in his statement Perez indicates that he and the two men had just collected their pay after working on cane fields there and while drinking, they all got into a misunderstanding. The quarrel continued all the way at the house all three men rented and it was during this that things got physical and Perez claims he acted in self defence. All three men are Belizeans and all indications is that they were in Mexico illegally.

Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“The indication is that they went across from Botes and we have a general knowledge here in Orange Walk here Botes is not a legal point of entry not either for the Mexican Territory or the Belizean Territory however we have the exchange of visitors from Belize to Mexico, from Mexico to Belize constantly so that is what was expressed to us that they had went to Botes to seek employment but they had no legal status in Mexico.”

Inspector Cantun says that while there are clear intentions of Mexican authorities filing for Perez’s extradition, the process may take some time.

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