Screen_Shot_2013-12-11_at_7.58.04_PMWoman Police Constable Marylin Pate attached to the Domestic Violence Unit of the Orange Walk Police Formation is recovering. All indications are that WPC Pate is on her way to a slow recovery while still remaining on close watch. Inspector Julius Cantun commented on her current state.

Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“WPC Pate has been discharge from the hospital and she is presently recovering and the doctors are still observing her and she still goes to the hospital every day for dressing and check-ups and indeed the Catscan was done where the doctors found certain fractures and that it be treated with caution but so far she is being stable and she is recuperating at this point in time and hopefully everything goes well.  Yesterday we had the open day part of the 16 days of activism and the conclusion form the police we thought it would fit that we can have a tamales sale and that was yesterday and I am pleased to say that everything was sold but I haven’t gotten the figures as far.”

Inspector Cantun says that the Orange Walk Police formation has assisted in Pate’s medical expenses and will continue fund raising to cover the cost of her recovery treatment. Various branches in the department will also be pitching in to assist WPC Pate.


In the meantime, Police have not eased up on the search for Oscar Perez Hernandez.

Inspector Julius Cantun – Deputy Commander, OWPD

“We have members of the quick response team conducting operations and we have certain areas being searched and we have some houses that we have identified and which sooner than later will be search in an effort to locate Mr. Hernandez in this matter.”

Inspector Cantun asks the public for their assistance in locating Oscar Perez Hernandez. If anyone has information on his whereabouts, you can contact the nearest police station. Perez Hernandez is wanted in connection to the brutal attack on WPC Pate when she and members of the human development department visited a residence he stayed at in Trial Farm Village. We were made to understand that WPC Pate intended to detain Hernandez pending investigations into allegations of his involvement with a female minor. Since the incident, Hernandez remains at large. 

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