Screen_Shot_2013-12-17_at_8.07.18_PMHeavy rains have only compounded the dilapidated state of the streets in Orange Walk Town and more than ever most of the streets are in need of urgent repair. Several of the streets are in need of almost complete rehabilitation but the work has not been forthcoming. One of the major reasons has been limited resources at the Orange Walk Town Council. Notwithstanding this, Mayor Kevin Bernard says the street conditions have always been a priority for the Council. In an effort to address the situation, Mayor Bernard says they have devised a plan that they are starting on Fonseca Street.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“We saw the need for urgent repairs and what we are doing here this is a first pilot project that we are addressing we are going to be cementing sections of this Fonseca road, what you see we are preparing here we will be cementing this road we have several sections that we will be doing this is one, there is another section at the corner that meets Fonseca and San Narciso Street, and we are also going to be doing the junction by San Andres and Fonseca Street, these are areas that we said are heavily traffic and we saw that more than one time we have come in this area resurfaced using asphalt patching decided that instead of continuing with that route lets look at a last longing solution and as such we decided to put some concrete on this area and we were hoping that we could look at other areas as well, we are trying to focus especially the corners, the junctions, but it is a start we as a council are doing it as a pilot project to see what it will actually cost the council to carry out these type of work because we want to come at the end of the day with a long term proposal that we can do to address many of the street in Orange Walk Town.”

The project is to lay concrete of up to six inches in the area. The Council has also engaged in other strategies to address the situation and has begun consultations with residents and business owners in areas such as Guadalupe Street. The hope is for this new initiative to be a success and that other Orange Walk residents will follow suit.


Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“How is it money going to be generated is always the question, if we take Guadalupe Street we basically only earn in terms of revenue from that street per year almost or a little over twenty thousand, that cannot fix your street, that cannot cement the entire street, that cannot maintain the garbage collection, that cannot maintain the street side chopping on a yearly basis if you take every one’s property taxes and trade license and liquor license together and a such to pave a street of Guadalupe in that nature we are talking a little over three hundred thousand, that alone is significant and so little things like these if what we encourage our residence to start to look at it as a citizens perspective, how can I help my municipality develop our infrastructure let us start by paying our taxes and also contributing to the development of our town.”

Mayor Bernard says they aim to complete the first section by the end of this week. An in the spirit of the Christmas Holidays, Mayor Bernard took the opportunity to salute all Orange Walk Town residents.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“What I would do is to take this opportunity to wish the residence of Orange Walk Town a happy and safe Christmas on behalf of the Orange Walk Town Council and we hope that this year it bring us betterment and thanking them also for the patience they have shown and we know that we have gone through many hurdles over this past year, we had severe weather that have really caused some damaged to our streets and I know it is frustrating and I drive the same street that many of our residence do but we have a lot of residence too that are understanding they know that we are trying as a council and we will continue to work for the betterment of our people, for the betterment of our streets here in Orange Walk Town and like I said little by little we can get it done all we need is the full cooperation of four residence as well by paying your taxes and also the council doing it part by investing the money in the right place and the best thing you can do is improving our infrastructure which is our streets in our town.”

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