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With only eleven days remaining in the Calendar year, the relatively calm community of Corozal Town was rattled with its fifth registered murder for the year. It was a brutal one which saw the untimely death of a 28 year old man from Joseito Layout in Corozal Town. All indications are that the victim was brutally beaten, stabbed and bludgeon to death. And tonight, Corozal police are left piecing the puzzle to this latest homicide; Reporter Victor Castillo has that story.

Darwin_SalazarVictor Castillo – Reporting

Tonight there are more questions than answers as the family of Darwin Salazar is clueless as to why someone would want their loved one dead. The incident occurred around 7pm last night when police from the Corozal Department where called to an area within the village of Chan Chen where the body of 28 year old Darwin Salazar was seen lying motionless on the road side in a pool of blood.

According to Officer commanding the Corozal Police Department Andrew Ramirez, his department is looking at all possible angles.


Andrew Ramirez – Corozal O.C

“About 7:15 acting upon information the Corozal Police visited the Chan Chen road and then they gone to the northern border, the Phillip Goldson International Highway, where they observe a motionless body of a male person who has been identifies as Darwin Ricardo Salazar, 28 years of Joseito Layout or Corozal Town, he has what appears to be stab wounds to the back of the neck areas and severe grudged to the left side of the neck, that is the information that we have in regards to that incident this morning unfortunately I would like to express my condolences to the family of Mr. Salazar and I will try my best to find out the author of this inmost crime.”

And while the motive for this latest homicide has not been established, authorities are pleading to the public for assistance.

Victor Castillo – Reporter


“Sir, has any motive been established?”

Andrew Ramirez- O/C Corozal Police Formation

“No, we have not motive and no leads at this time, so we are asking the public if they have any information, it might not matter how minute it seems to that individual but all information that we get we need to follow through.”

While the rumor mill was churning in Corozal Town we decided to do a background check which revealed that Salazar was no stranger to the law. Salazar was recently released from Prison, a week ago, to be exact. Today family members were still in disbelief and declined comment. But, from the information gathered, CTV3 News understands that Salazar left home around 9 am and was last seen by his mother and brothers around 5 pm in Corozal Town.

It is alleged that Salazar was invited to one of the casinos in the Corozal Free Zone but whether his host or hosts were the perpetrators to his untimely demise, the case remains unsolved.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Upon your preliminary investigation I assume that you have already spoken to the family is there a reason why it is that Mr. Salazar was in that area when he is from Corozal Layout?”

Andrew Ramirez- O/C Corozal Police Formation

“The information that we have gotten so far from the family cannot assist us in anyway so far in relation to the investigation so as to why he was in that specific area, I don’t want to assume any role in the investigation but I cannot say why he was there but I can only say he was found there. Well, I still ask the public as I mention in my previous interview that about the four murders in Corozal I would have really wanted to finish off the year 2013 at so but life in unpredictable, it is something that is beyond our control and apparently whoever did this act plan it properly because there is no traces or any lead for us the police so we are relying on persons who may have seen Mr. Salazar, whatever time they would have seen Mr. Salazar last night or sometime in this morning we are asking to please contact us and I have a direct number 607-8577 am very trustworthy and again you can call the police station and ask to speak to the officer in charge or the lead investigator Sergeant Elizardo Canul and we are asking the assistance of the public in relation to this matter.”

Of note is that our archives show that May 5th 2006, 30-year-old Adonai Espat was brutally assaulted on a Mayan mound at the Santa Rita Temple Site outside of Corozal Town. He was chopped numerous times to the head and chest and staggered the 400 yards to his home where he collapsed in front of his family. Nine months after his death Darwin Salazar was the witness to a serious stabbing in Sarteneja and when he was taken in for questioning, police realized that his nickname matched the one that was given in connection to the Espat stabbing 9 months earlier. Police used that and other clues from the scene of the May 2006 murder to build up the case to charge Salazar for murder. CTV3 News understands that a post mortem examination will be conducted on Salazar’s body on December 24th. 

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