Belizeans will see a decrease in their light bill come the New Year. That’s according to the Public Utilities Commission who has taken the decision to reduce electricity rates by eight percent. The decision was made after the Belize Electricity Limited submitted a proposal to the PUC to reduce electricity rate in January 2014 by 3 cents. The good news is that after review the PUC decided to reduce the rate by 4 cents and it was all due to the rainy weather.


derek19.12.13Dereck Davis- PUC’s Electric Engineer

“BEL when they presented their proposal they suggested a three cents reduction, the PUC has decided a four cents reduction, or every hundred dollars you spend on the bill you now going to spend $92 because you get a 8% reduction, a number of things happened this year 2013 which cause this situation that we can reduce the rates, first one being CFE prices you could say on average reversed and it went back to normal, in 2011 CFE prices were approximately thirty cents per kilowatt hour, in 2012 it went to thirty seven cents and in 2013 it went back down to thirty cents, so that is the first thing that happened, that is a substantial amount of money of saving that can be passed on to the public, the second thing that happened is that the hydro production which is energy at let say twenty cents per kilowatt hour also increase in other word it went back to the levels that it was in 2011.”


Thanks to the incessant rains BEL was also able to negotiate a 10% electrify rate reduction from CFE in Mexico.

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