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  • Speaker Of The House Signs MOU With FOPREL And SICA

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
  • New International Flight Headed To Belize

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
  • 224 Farmers Graduate From Farmers Field School

    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09

cawichBased on the results of a post mortem examination Corozal Police confirmed that 38 year Mauricio Cawich of Xaibe Village had been murdered. Cawichs dead body was found around 1:20 Friday morning suffering from head injuries and several cut wounds to the body on the side of the main road that runs within the village of Xaibe.

The last time Cawich was seen alive by his family was around 11:30 on Thursday night when he arrived home under the influence of alcohol. Cawichs wife says that he left home a short while after to buy food and never returned.

CTV3 News understands that on the day Cawichs body was found two persons with whom he allegedly had a fight were detained by Police for questioning. Those individuals, however, were later released due to a lack of evidence. And that is why Ana Novelo believes that Police are not doing their jobs and her husbands killer is walking around free.

Ana Novelo- Wife of Deceased

“Las policías dicen que están habiendo su trabajo pero yo digo que no es así porque las personas que tenían detenidos como sospechosos no tardaron horas y los dejaron libres. Yo digo que personas así que dicen que son sospechosos de asesinato yo digo que no les deben de dejar libre. Ese día que detuvieron a ellos la mama lego allá y dio que su hijo no es culpable y compro Bar-B-Q y se los dio a los policías. Yo pienso que ellos están haciendo esto por dinero oh no sé porque.”

Post mortem examination results revealed that Cawich died from bronchial assertion due to a massive head injury as a consequence of a blunt instrument. But despite the fact that the results concluded that Cawich was brutally murdered Novelo says the men initially detained have not been re-arrested by Police.

Ana Novelo- Wife of Deceased

“Ellos no debían de salir yo creo justicia creo que la ley se mueva yo creo que la ley los leve y los interroguen. A mí me dijo uno de sus familiares de él que él tuvo problemas esa noche con él y después la persona me dijo que esa misma noche las dos personas que estaban pasando Neftalí y un tal Tuncu dijeron que ellos le van a dar una lección a él y al otro día lo encontraron muerto a él. Yo supe también que el que le dicen Tuncu le dijo a alguien que como Neftalie le quería dar una lección a él no lo quería matar pero que dijo ni modos ya lo mate. Esta información yo se lo fui a dar a la policía y ellos me dijeron que están haciendo su trabajo. Yo les fui a dar la información porque yo dije que esto no va a quedar así pero no me hicieron caso solo me dijeron que porque yo no los traje.”

Mauricio Cawich left behind three children and today this grieving mother and wife is asking for justice.

anaAna Novelo- Wife of Deceased

“Yo quiero que esto no se quede así porque andan muchas personas en la calle a cuanto más piensan matar. Yo creo que se haga justicia porque el dejo tres hijos y dos de ellos beben leche y la segunda está enferma.”

When we contacted Corozal Police this afternoon and spoke to Superintendent Gualberto Garcia he told us that so far no one has been arrested for the murder. Though several persons have been detained for questioning including the person mentioned by Cawichs wife, there is no evidence to link them to the murder. Garcia told CTV3 News that after the post mortem results were in and additional information was given by the family, Neftalie Novelo and one Edilberto Martinez better known as (Tuncu) were re-arrested by Police for questioning. Investigations then revealed that Neftalie Novelo was involved in a fight with Cawich earlier on Thursday night but so far Police say there is no evidence linking Novelo to the scene of the crime or to the murder. Investigations continue.

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