There are many who believe that how you spend the first day of the New Year is how you will pass the rest of 2014. So does this mean that Belizeans will experience and increase in inclement weather throughout the year since it rained cats and dogs on New Year’s Day? Well we can’t answer that question but what we can tell you is that while we all know that the Belize rainy season extends from June to November, this year the country has experienced a prolonged rainy season. This is rather odd since we should be experiencing cold fronts instead of rain. So what is causing the sporadic rainy weather and when will we see an improvement? Those are the questions we posed to the on duty Forecaster, Michael Gentle at the National Met Service today. Here is what is he said is contributing to the unstable weather patterns.

Screen_Shot_2014-01-02_at_9.36.18_PMMichael Gentle– Forecaster, National Met Service

“The main factor is the current cold front moving down towards Yucatan Peninsula and stalled in just north of the country and this has been happening for part of November and into December.  The cold front installed and we have a north easterly over us and we get a lot of rainfall recently so that is the main factor that has been producing the rains.  We also have when the front stalled over the area and winds go back around to the east just about the surface begin warmer air over running the cool air of the surface and this aids the development and showers of rain and it is all linked to the stationary front moving down, the general idea is that the colder months for us January and February we expect that we should be getting stronger cold front that would cross the country and this would imply that we get cooler and drier air and less rain fall but from the projections we have right now the cold fronts would seem to do the same at the Yucatan Peninsula and stall and then we get about couple days of rain and then  they move back out so it would later during the month of January to February and we get these intense frontal passage that usher in drier and cooler air.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Is it particularly odd that we are experiencing a lot of rainfall in these times, in these months?”

Michael Gentle– Forecaster, National Met Service

“Well, the hurricane season was a bit arduous and the hurricanes would act as means of transporting heat from our area to the higher latitudes and the cold front would do the reverse would bring the cool air over our area so the hurricane season was not a typical one and the start of the winter months which would indicate the dry season for us has not been typical also.”

The weather outlook indicates that scattered showers will start to affect coastal areas as early as tomorrow. According to Gentle, later on in the weekend, there should be an improvement in the weather, but that is yet to be seen.

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