Screen_Shot_2014-01-02_at_9.35.42_PMThis year seventy cyclists hit the road in the annual Krem Radio New Year’s Day Cycling Classic. This marks the 24th running of the Cycling Classic. Male female and junior cyclists broke away from the starting point from northern Belize towards Belize City, among them some ten to fifteen foreigners who joined the race this year. Fitzgerald Joseph, committee member of the Cycling Association gave a summary of the winning slate.

Fitzgerald Joseph- Cycling Association

“One full 24th running of the Krem New Year’s Day Cycling Classic, beautiful race, we had over 70 participants including about 10 to 15 foreigners, the race slowed mostly together, they had a few breaks that won most of the, they had four one thousand dollar prices; the first one at San Roman and that was son by Joel Boland, Team Telemedia; the second one by Shell, Johnny Briceno donated that one in Orange Walk Town was son by S’ and Spend of Western Spirits; the third was by Maskal cutoff by Byron and the other one at Ladyville, Kubuli at mile 9.5 was also won by Byron who eventually ended winning the race so; Byron was first, second was his team mate Carlos Lopez, he is 2009 cycling Champion as well; third was Telemedia, Jovanny Lovell, fourth was Manuel, Mexican out of Yucatan, Carlos Lopez also a Mexican as well, and fifth place was Herman Hijo Requena of Team Smart.”


“What can the the fans expect in 2014 in cycling?”

Fitzgerald Joseph- Cycling Association

“2014 is a promising year in cycling in Belize; we have some nice teams’ right now we have Bennys’ Mega bites, we have Western Spirits, Cayo high roads, the new edition to Smart Team so it promises to be fantastic seasons in cycling in 2014.”

In the female category Sagitun’s Shalini Zabaneh retained the title riding across the finish line after two hours thirty five minutes seventeen seconds. In second place was Telemedia Cyclist Gabrielle Lovell who crossed the finish line at just one minute and twenty-two seconds after Zabaneh. Alicia Thompson from Belize Bank Swoosh took third place riding in behind Lovell only seconds after.  Joseph says the event was another success and expects this year to be even better.

Fitzgerald Joseph- Cycling Association

“Continue supporting cycling and a word to the motorist, Christmas eve Deon was knock off his bike and he was critical but now he looks good but a word to the motorist and the drivers of the highway that cyclist need training and we need to give them some space and people like to pass the cyclist too close and if there is oncoming traffic then just wait five six seconds until that vehicle pass and then you overtake the cyclist.”

Joseph also asked that motorists drive carefully and respect cyclists as they conduct their workouts along the highways throughout the year.


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