The Belize National Teacher’s Union is starting the year in full swing as it is holding government to its word in granting public officers and teachers a salary adjustment by mid-2014. The union’s Council of management has met and decided upon a plan of action to ensure that government keeps its word. This plan has also been looked at by the Union’s Public Relation Committee. The Orange Walk branch Executive met with members this morning to present this plan and to get their input. President, Otilio Munoz says the plan will be executed by all branches across the country.

BNTU1Otilio Munoz – President, BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“What the union is looking is about salary adjustment on the collective bargaining agreement that we have been negotiating with the government.  What we are doing in this point in time is requesting to the Prime Minister a black and white documentation as to what percentage we are going to be getting for that salary adjustment; is it 5%, 10% you tell us in black and white and we are going to be happy waiting for July retroactive April that is what we have agreed which is contradicting with what the Prime Minister is saying in his message, he said in August, but we have negotiated July so there is a little confusion there but that is where we are standing, we are demanding from GOB to give us the percentage and to have it in black and white and that is it to make it more fundamental.”


Another part of the plan includes a rally, the first of which will be held in Orange Walk Town on January 10th. The Corozal branch will be holding their rally the following Friday. The union is serious in executing their plan of action and has even written a slogan to push the message through.

Otilio Munoz – President, BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“The slogan is, Belize Teachers Got Your Back, because I believe that this nation, this country believe that the teachers have to stand up first and to get things in your country to send the messages to government and whichever government is in position is always the BNTU sending the messages to them. It’s a message send to the  Prime Minister saying we need you tell us what percentage we are going to be getting when, documented and everything.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“If that doesn’t happen by the time you guys are expecting it to happen have you decided upon what your action may be?”

Otilio Munoz – President, BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“We have an action plan of up to March when the budget is going to be presented but maybe the respond of the Prime Minister would be well let me act now to get to that point.”

Again the BNTU commences execution of their plan of action on Monday January sixth. The rally scheduled on January tenth will commence at eight and conclude at two in the afternoon.

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