Screen_Shot_2014-01-03_at_6.48.39_PMOrange Walk’s pothole ridden road networks are receiving some much needed remedial repair. A few weeks ago, the Town Council embarked on an aggressive road repair campaign as they are strategically fixing some of the major intersections in Town. Mayor Kevin Bernard says the council’s priority is streets and the continuing work will bring much relief to commuters and residents of town. This morning we caught up with Mayor Bernard at the intersection of San Andres Street where the work has begun.

Kevin Bernard– Mayor, OWT

“We started with the corner of Cinderella and Fonseca a little further with San Narciso and now we are coming in this area San Andres and Fonseca because this is a crucial area as well, a lot of busses, a lot of vehicle travel this area and immediately after this we will go to the junction between San Francisco and Fonseca which also is another area, we are hoping that this work will complete within a week and a half max, so we ask pedestrians, drivers to bear with us like they did on the other side and so it is all n the benefit and betterment of our streets and we have decided and this is the best option, cementing these intersections because it is something we saw we were constantly repairing these intersections with asphalt tar and it keeps tearing up and so we belive it is something permanent and it will benefit everybody.”

While many residents criticize the work being done as not enough, Bernard says the council is doing all in its power with the revenues collected in taxes, but that residents, as a collective body, must do their part so as to see more work done.

Kevin Bernard– Mayor, OWT

“We don’t have the money in paving or cementing the entire street so what we are doing here is cementing the major intersections where all the heavy turning takes place and the other sections that are left we are hoping that we will seal those with asphalt and put another coat over them so that the streets could be a good driving street, yes there will be critics but again a work like this alone which includes the one we already the section by San Narciso this year and the one that we will finish will cost the council a little over $60,306.00 to be exact and that is with us sourcing the best prices and the reasonable contractor and so while these are things that we would want to expand in other areas, I mean we have to do it conscientiously and timely and so people may say that we are only touching sections of the road but we are doing sections that we know constantly costing the council to repair.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Finally, you have indicated that this is more like a pilot project, has the council or can you say so far afford to do it in other parts of the town?”

Kevin Bernard– Mayor, OWT

“What we are doing is that last week the council had a very good meeting where we decided that indeed cementing the intersection is part of our manifesto promises but in terms of sustaining it but if we could do it in these bits of pieces I believe we can achieve much more especially in the center part of town where it needs the attention where most people travel to connect into other areas and of course I will always find that there will be other that say well why only in the center and why not in other areas, we have to start in the center and make our way down to other areas but for now I believe that our aggressive approach that we will be doing and I want to say this we have property tax alone for current year taxes which is due in April 1st and it is about 1.1 million dollars and if every single resident ay that we can do much more.”

Persons whose property taxes are currently in arrears are advised that payment arrangements can be made in order for the arrears to be paid off. During our interview Mayor Bernard also thanked the residents and business community for their participation, support and patience in getting these road networks restored to trafficable standards.

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