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School Zone safety is everyone’s responsibility; and since tragedies occur when drivers and pedestrians don’t know how to follow the rules of the road, Reporter Victor Castillo decided to pay a visit to Corozal’s Municipal Transport Manager Richard Quan, who told him about the DO’s and DON’Ts of school zone traffic safety. Here’s that report.


traffic_rulesVictor Castillo – Reporting

Reviewing the “rules of the road” for the Corozal Town can help save lives and Keep children safe in designated school zones are top priorities for everyone. As a driver, the most important thing you can do to protect children in school zones is to slow down. Parents, teachers and drivers not only have the responsibility of safely sharing the road with other motorists, school buses, pedestrians and cyclists, but they also have the added duty of teaching children about traffic safety. Well today we took time to learn a bit more about road safety especially as it pertains to school zones.

Johan Clavel – Traffic Warden

“Well first of all, we should start from their home, the parents should tell their children to look both ways before the cross the road, use the pedestrian ramps is there for that, the vehicles will stop and we are there to stop it also if they don’t want to respect the traffic of the children which normally they do because anyone driving would be on the alert for them.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“So some of the safety tips would be to look both sides”

Johan Clavel – Traffic Warden

“Look both sides, always stay on the alert for anything coming on their way, wait for us to give them the ok for them to cross, don’t be running on the streets, use the pedestrian ramps.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“And for drivers”

Johan Clavel – Traffic Warden

“For drivers it would be as for any driver you should always be on the alert for any kid.  If it is in town it is 25 miles per hour it is the fastest you can drive here and I don’t think we are in a rush to go anywhere, it is a very small town and we can get from point A to point Bin no time.”

According to Senior Traffic Officer Richard Quan, with the return of this new school year to respect all traffic signs and give extra attention to the school zones.

Richard Quan - Senior Traffic Officer

“We are asking them to look out for school children that are going to school, we have for example in 1st avenue the Methodist school and the Xavier school, we have a sign there that is a NO ENTRY from 7am to 5pm  and we are asking all drivers to respect that because that is where we have the congestion of children walking on the street and we have the pedestrian asking every driver to please as you see a pedestrian step on the pedestrian crossing please stop and respect them and let them walk safely cross.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“What are these some of the safety tips that you would normally give not only to the drivers, the cyclist, and the motorist but to the general public?”

Richard Quan - Senior Traffic Officer

“We were working on the Christmas that just passed and fortunately we didn’t had any accidents in the Corozal Town we went out and we were educating the driver on drinking and driving, we are asking the cyclist on double riding is a big issue especially with the students and we are asking the parent to tell their children to advice their children not to double ride because of the double riding accidents will occur and the pedestrians also when they are crossing the kids like to play of the pedestrian we are asking to please just go cross the pedestrian crossing on the other side.”


One of the major challenges that the department encounters on a daily, is double riding. But this practice has its penalties.

Richard Quan – Senior Traffic Officer

“The fees for the double riding are actually $25 for the person who is driving and $25 for the person who is being carried on the bicycle.”

Across Corozal Town over 10 pedestrian ramps are set for the protection of students and the general public. It is important for drivers in or near school areas to be especially sensitive to traffic laws and constantly alert for the presence of children. Since school traffic may be congested and confusing, drivers must exercise more caution.

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