policeWe are merely six days into the New Year and not one, but two murders for 2014 have been recorded, both of them in the South.


The first incident played out on the 3rd of January when the body of 25 year old Rene Arturo Perez was found with multiple chop wounds on Felix Paz Gevara farm located five miles east of Trio Junction with the Southern Highway in the Toledo District.


Perez’s body was observed with chop wounds to the upper right side, lower right side and left side of the neck, right shoulder blade and right hand.


Reports are that on the 2nd of January about 8:00pm last person Perez was seen was with one Donaldo (AKA) “Tatero”. Both men were hanging out at the residence of Felix Paz when they decided to leave together.


Perez’s dead body was discovered the following morning, art around 7:00am, by Felix Paz as he was on his way to work. Paz alerted the police who then visited and processed the scene.  The following step was to search Tatero’s residence but he was nowhere to be found. The body of Rene Arturo Perez, Guatemalan laborer of Finca San Jose Carrizal Gualan, Guatemala, was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital Morgue. It currently awaits a post mortem examination.  Police investigation continues.



The second murder for the year was recorded on the 5th of January and this time the victim was a female. Acting upon information Independence Police visited Green Gold Banana farm located off the Placencia Road where at about 90ft off the main road heading to Sagitun Farm they observed the body of a Mestizo female only known as Ufareila lying face down in some grass.


The body had multiple chop wounds to the right elbow, both wrists were chopped and almost severed, three large chop wounds to the back right side of the head and a chop wound from the back of the head leading to the right side of the face. The victim’s right little finger was severed and she also had two cut wounds to her upper left shoulder.


So far all that police know is that on 5th, at around 4:00pm, the female arrived in the village and was seen walking between Green Gold and Sagitun Farm. Six hours later, at around 10:00pm to be exact, several people hanging out a shop in Green Gold Village report hearing a woman screaming. The matter was reported to a business woman of the same village who upon making checks found the woman’s dead body.


The copse was transported to Southern Regional Hospital where it was pronounced dead and now awaits a post mortem examination. Police Investigation continues.

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