police_corozalWhile Corozal Police continue to investigate the first case of carnal knowledge for that district they are also investigating a burglary and aggravated assault report. First to the burglary report.


Fifty five year old Roberto Alvarez, Belizean laborer of Santa Rita Layout, Corozal Town, reported that on the 6th of January 2014 he left his house well secured and upon returning the following day, at around 7:40am he noticed that the padlock on the door was tampered with.


Upon entering his home he noticed that it had been ransacked and stolen from the premises were a number of items valued at a total of $46.00. Investigation continues.

As for the report of aggravated assault police have detained one person and are looking for another in connection with the incident. Here is what transpired. According to 35 year old Ronaldo Westby of Progresso Village Corozal, on Sunday January 5th, at about 8:00pm, he was walking along with Nestor Heredia, Alex Ken, Matthew Olivera, Nelson Pech and Nigel Cruz, when upon reaching the main street Jose Lopez aka CHEPE and Herzon Lopez rode pass them on separate bicycles.

A short while after, Westby reports hearing a noise and upon turning around saw Herzon Lopez removing a machete from off his bicycle. Lopez reportedly lashed Nelson Pech on the back with the machete. The ordeal did not end. According to Westby, he then saw Jose Lopez pulling a machete from the back of his pants waist which he used to chop Pech on the head.


To avoid Pech from receiving more injuries Westby picked up a rock and threw it at Jose Lopez. Reports are that an infuriated Herzon then set chase after Westby who ran into a neighbor’s yard to avoid being chopped. Upon closing in on Westby, Herzon reportedly slammed his machete on the ground and threatened to cut Westby in pieces and burn his house. Police have detained Jose Lopez from Libertad Village and are presently looking for Hezron Lopez for threat to damage property. 

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