Students from Heritage University, an institution located in Toppenish, Washington, are presently in Guinea Grass Village in Orange Walk, to continue a project that they began one year ago. The students are a part of ENACTUS at the University. As stated in their website the students are and we quote, “a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world”, end quote.

The students design and implement community projects with different groups in countries across the world. The students from Heritage University were in Guinea Grass Village exactly one year ago jumpstarting the entrepreneurial project with women. Their work with these women began with teaching them to crotchet hand bags and other trinkets recycling plastic bags.

Today, these women have grown into a cooperative, namely the Creando Un Futuro Mejor Women’s Pre-Cooperative Society Limited and have a membership of twenty active individuals of different ages. The objective is to have the women learn different skills to become self-sustainable. Reporter Dalila Ical takes a look at what the students are doing in Guinea Grass Village.

Screen_Shot_2014-01-09_at_8.27.48_PMDalila Ical – Reporting


The students are back this year and have brought along new plans for the women and new toys in the form of carpentry tools. Yes these women are now learning to make furniture.


Haydee Navarro – President ENACTUS

“To begin with the idea is to gain that practise and that experience, they can create furniture and other utilities for themselves and then they can make furniture and other means. We started on Monday and so far they are nervous and today is a new experience and they have been getting hand on experience currently they are very excited to see how their furniture will come out and from there they will progress to create other utilities.”


The students’ efforts don’t end there as they are also working on finding a market for the group’s products.


Haydee Navarro – President ENACTUS

“We’ve been exploring the tourism market in San Pedro and as well as local stores here so the idea is that they will have a direct connection with the buyers here from Belize for the tourism market so they can establish that connection and have their products sold in Belize.”

The women started their production since last year and have even sold some in the US. That was to jumpstart their project. Today this is what they are producing – anywhere from crocheted handbags, centre pieces, cell phone holders, lighter holders for your kitchen to clothes.


Dina Lopez – President, Creando Un Futuro Mejor Women’s Pre-cooperative Society Ltd

“Ha sido paso a paso y algo muy bueno porque son cosas que no sabíamos cómo reciclarlas bolsas y tapas de botellas y trapos que ya no se usan.”

Haydee Navarro – President ENACTUS

“The idea is that the women will be sustainable after they establish the market for their products and of course establish a market for their furniture making.”

The material being used in the project this year was donated by Rotary Orange Walk. The students brought carpentry tools to donate to the women. These tools were donated by people back in the US.

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